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Thread: What's your favorite Beat'em Ups!

  1. What's your favorite Beat'em Ups!

    Couldn't find if there was a thread on this already, so... These are my favs right now what's yours?

  2. SoR and most of Capcom's (FF, D&D, etc).

  3. My personal favourites would have to be Golden Axe, Bad Dudes, and SoR 1 and 2.
    I also got a surprising amount of fun out of a Beats of Rage mod called Double Dragon Extreme and the fan made Golden Axe Myth.
    There are even a few which are admittedly crappy that I still really enjoyed, like Pit Fighter and DJ Boy.

  4. Bulletstorm

  5. I know it sounds hipstery but I'd play Battle Circuit before I would any of the other CPS2 best em ups.
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  6. Streets of Rage 2 is my favorite. I loved the hell out of the Double Dragon Neon demo. So much so that I ended up purchasing it, but I have yet to play the full game. If it's any better than it's demo, it would probably dethrone SoR2 for me.

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    Final Fight and Streets of Rage 2 are the kings. I'm also fond of AvP and the Konami TMNT games.

  8. Urban Champion.

  9. If time actually allowed I thought about blogging through the SNES/SFam beat me up library since it was the glut period for the genre. Had fun with Iron Commando recently. The sprites are huge and reliance on weapons reminds me of Growl.

  10. I love all the SoR games, but for the life of me I don't get why 2 is the best. They took everything that made 2 great and added more in 3... other than the music.


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