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Thread: How many Tabs

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    How many Tabs

    How many tabs do you normally have open?

    I'm counting 400 at this minute.

    To count in chrome, start a new tab, go to chrome://inspect/#pages , hit ctrl f and search for inspect, it will give you a tally.
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  2. One.

  3. Three at the most.

  4. If I'm checking for price drops, six. Otherwise:

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    Three at the most.

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    All of them.

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    Five, tops. More if I'm reading a link-heavy article.

    Never less than three, for whatever reason.
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  7. I open a new tab for every link that I want to see for things like news and forum posts, so my tab count is usually more than a few, less than a dozen.

  8. I'm at about 18 right now, but have a bunch open because we're looking for a new place to live.
    Where I play
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    I'm counting 400 at this minute.

    To count in chrome...
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    Could someone with autism stand such a cluttered tab bar?


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