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Thread: How many Tabs

  1. Doesn't having a bunch of tabs open consume more system resources like RAM?

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    It saps the hell out of your computer's processing fluids.
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    I thought this thread was going to be about acid.
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    Doesn't having a bunch of tabs open consume more system resources like RAM?
    Most of the burden of websites are on page load but there is a chance, yeah. If the site has excessive ads or shit running after the fact it can.

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    In my heavy tabbing experience the old tabs eventually leave memory and reload when you refocus on the tab.
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  6. They run as separate processes in Chrome, so they can be suspended and have their active memory moved to the pagefile.
    If your browser is actually eating up most of your RAM, it's probably a memory leak.

  7. I usually have about 3-5 tabs open per game for whatever I'm playing at the time with discussion boards and builds and such, a few tabs for stuff I'm flipping through here and there like TNL and Imgur, a few on linked articles from other webpages that I haven't gotten to reading yet, a couple for projects I'm looking up, and then usually a couple for stores I'm browsing through. I used to be a lot worse with usually around 70-100 tabs open at a time, but then I started actively pruning pages that I wasn't getting around to in a timely fashion or just leaving up as reminders and it's kept the clutter more manageable.

  8. I finally got around to looking at this thread. 400+ tabs, wtf.

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    cut it down to 89

  10. I'm up to 40 tabs now.
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