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Thread: The Trump Presidency

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    I spent 1.5 hours showing someone that had had a iphone for 5 years how to add all his employees to an email to list.

  2. It's not their fault. Their friends and/or teachers should have shown them how to do that stuff.

    And in case that went over anyone's head, they should have also called them to get them up for class.

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    It must be horrible working in a field where people don't watch out for each other.

    Even now, every engineer I've worked with has made those courtesies. We regularly text and call each other to check up on each other, remind each other of things and cover for the other when they are late .

    Maybe that isn't how the whole world works. But its how good teams work.

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    And no, I'm not speaking as an asshole that drags down my fellow employees. I cover for them too. Like yesterday I did all the morning guys reports so he could have Friday off.


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