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Thread: The Trump Presidency

  1. When I went to school for carpentry a few years ago all the schematics were prnsrily in metric. The orders too. After a bit of a learning curve I started to prefer it. Base 10 is just better.

    To be perfectly honest I donít visualize politics as a spectrum. Itís always seemed like a perverse way to orient social issues that leads to pointless competition.
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    I can't figure it out.
    Boo, Hiss.

  3. primarily

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    In the good old days you'd type "olť."
    Those days existed.
    1 year ago isn't old, you fossil.

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    That's just because we've been continually exposed to the cultural exports of America. If you grew up watching the NFL you see people as being 6'2 or and 300 pounds or whatever. Same as baseball and the NBA. Add to that the fact that you don't use those measurements all the time, so when someone asks you the metric stuff isn't immediately on hand.
    I doubt this. How many of you are measuring yourself vs being measured by the doctor. I think you guys could make the switch even there if you wanted.

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    Also, measurement standards don't really matter so long as they are consistent.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Drewbacca View Post
    Base 10 is just better.
    I haven't found that to be the case for working with wood. For quick and dirty math, inches work better because 12 is easily divided by 2, 3, 4, or 6 while ten is easily divided by 2 and 5. Once you get into fractions of an inch, it's a different story.

    When I design metalwork for electronics, I use mm exclusively, though.
    I think there's a benefit to knowing both.

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    It doesn't really matter.

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