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Thread: The Trump Presidency

  1. I don't give a fuck about guns, jesus there are few issues I could care less about either way.
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    write your elected officials and tell them that.

    If the democratic party would give up on that issue, they'd literally knock one of the legs off the republican platform.

  3. Steve Bannon?


    Okay, now I'm getting freaked out.

  4. He's installing all the dick drinkers.
    Boo, Hiss.

  5. I think Brietbart was the only [media] dick drinker out there. Fox was Jonezing for Jeb, and everyone else was Horny for Hillary.

    EDIT: I also think it's funny how he made a non-decision by giving the Alt-Right Bannon and the Establishment Priebus.

    The most interesting bit of the 60 min piece is Melania's disapproval of angry tweets and the realization Ivanka is 10x a classier, well-spoken negotiator than Don Why did the DNC run someone who couldn't win against a man who can't even get a sentence out when he's angry? His temperament comes out when they get on the military stuff. I get it. The US has mangled the role of the military since Vietnam, but why can't he articulate how he'll do a better job?
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by Andrew View Post
    This is very important. My wife is an immigrant on a green card. If Trump has adverse plans for lawful immigrants, I really need to know.
    Your wife is fine. If he or the government actually tried to pull something on people who have legitimate green cards, the fallout would be unbelievable. My wife kind of freaked out about that when she found out Trump had been elected, because she's in the same position. Nothing is going to happen to people like her.

    I also don't believe the Visa thing either, because just that would cause so much chaos.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc Holliday View Post
    the realization Ivanka is 10x a classier, well-spoken negotiator than Don
    She'd probably be a better president than anyone that ran.

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    short interview with trump since he was elected

    He is such a confusing person. He's hiring all these borderline villains and here he is complementing Hillary, Bill and Obama.


  9. Quote Originally Posted by Diff-chan View Post
    Which is legal.

    Most of these shits are just ways for companies to not pay American workers. Good paying middle class jobs. Fuck the H1B program.
    Which industries specifically?

  10. pretty sure after trump finishes picking his cabinet it'll be the actual lineup of the legion of doom

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