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Thread: The Trump Presidency

  1. This is a real picture.

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    and this is a real story.
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    "One of us, one of us"

  3. I want to know who pulled whose finger.

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    I don't see nuthin wrong with a little bump and grind

  6. Goddamn!

  7. So Nancy Pelosi announced an impeachment inquiry against Trump today.

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  8. Normally, I'd be numb to Trump offense # 43,432, but the Senate - Moscow Mitch included - passed a unanimous resolution for Orange Julius to hand over the complete and unredacted transcript of his call with the head of Ukraine. Whistleblower may be talking to Congress too. I think the Repubs know this may have legs.

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    Given that they are a bunch of authoritarians, I wonder what forced them to grow spines. Or perhaps they just want him ineligible for a second run

  10. So what does this do?
    Iíve heard this is still going to take so long that it wonít be done until after the election. Itís more just so they appear to be doing something than actually doing something.
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