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Thread: The Trump Presidency

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Josh View Post
    You're the aforementioned corny ass family man. You chose that life. You can sleep at night, and look at yourself in the mirror being that. I could never do that. We don't live on the same planet.
    This is actually one of the most stone cold things I have ever seen anyone type online. Josh, I'm glad we're online acquaintances.
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    Where am I anyway? - I only registered on here to post on this thread

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    Its the same shit he always says.

  3. I would like to see more people vote 3rd party. If you only need 50% of the vote +1, thatís all youíre going to aim for and fuck the rest.

    If 3 or more parties accounted for +10% to make it where you had to build coalitions, that would be better for everyone.
    "Question the world man... I know the meaning of everything right now... it's like I can touch god." - bbobb the ggreatt

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    the only way it could happen is if popular charismatic officials created a new party while in office.

    It won't happen by electing NEW people into office with a new party. People are idiots that approach government like it is gambling or sports. You get that "throw your vote away" crap.

    No, already have great people in office, have them change while in office, and the public see their successes. THEN elect people under those parties.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Vasteel View Post
    Rebellion is playing by the rules of a rigged game even harder? Got it. You milksops sure like to tell us what we need to do by doubling down on the bullshit you keep losing with. I mean, y'all can't even beat Donald fucking Trump.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Vasteel View Post
    So being a dick waiving asshole and an idiot (which is admittedly indisputable) is somehow worse than being a war criminal responsible for megadeaths. Got it.
    The one dodged bullet of these last few years is that there's no big national catalyst or will for military action. If there was a marginally palatable inroad for Trump to go scorched earth, I have no doubt he'd do it with aplomb. His lack of action is not lack of intent, it's just lack of opportunity.

    Rebellion is playing by the rules of a rigged game even harder? Got it.
    The fuck you even get that from what I said? Rebellion is plugging away to make an alternative happen instead of whining on the sidelines and trusting that a big prolonged fart of smug indifference will magically transmute into the savior you're waiting for.

    You milksops sure like to tell us what we need to do by doubling down on the bullshit you keep losing with. I mean, y'all can't even beat Donald fucking Trump.
    I've been watching with great bemusement as Yeller went from glibly telling Bernie fans to get over it and vote Hillary last election to dejectedly sitting on the other side of that dynamic this one. Believe me, I thought both Hillary and Biden were big missteps from the jump and I get that people don't like bad options shoved down their throats.

    But at the same time I find this whole "both sides are equally eeeevil" stuff to be really addle-brained and reductionist. There's a party whose platform includes furthering the rights and benefits of workers and marginalized groups, that's trying to establish workable social safety nets and long-term solutions for environmental sustainability, and there's a party that is actively taking a hammer to all that. There's bad seeds and self-interested shitheads on both sides, absolutely, but that doesn't make them equal, there's clearly a denser concentration on one side if you bother to measure the shit that spills from their mouths against each other. Maybe Dems aren't making enough progress to their ends and there's certainly a good deal of overlap of corporate lackeyism across the board, but your weird faith that the other party should be given even more space to tear shit down and keep shifting the Overton window to the right and somehow that'll be the magic recipe for your perfect far-left party to burst forth from the wreckage, ascend to glory, and press a big reset button that successfully reclaims the ground that's been eroded on leftist issues and then some is cute.

    I'm not going to boil it down to some pithy mantra like 'vote blue no matter who', you should definitely demand accountability and judge everyone on a case-by-case basis, but... Proposing to blow up wholesale the side that's most aligned with you because they're not aligned with you enough and let the racist, anti-intellectual one consolidate power is a backwards-ass solution that will almost certainly set you much further away from your goals than you started. History's stacked with the bodies of people that took that gamble and lost.
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  7. With all the ideological dick-waving going on here, you guys are forgetting the simple fact that the current state of our politics is the result, not the cause of things. Orange Julius didn't seize power; he won it. The system is broken? No one cares enough to fix it. The Russians manipulated it? No one cares enough to challenge, and a full third of Americans think it never happened. The U.S. is tits-deep in an intellectual dark age, where stupidity is the norm, and our politics are the turd that oozed out of that ass. The people are the cause of what's happening and they're too stupid to fix it.

    For the first time in my lifetime, I'm glad I don't live in the U.S. I really wish Trump had given PR to Denmark.

  8. Did you just miss the whole thing on FBI making up Russiagate?

  9. Both sides aren't evil, just bought and sold.

    Dems had a supermajority a while back. What did they really change?

    Two things.

    Fuck. All.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by kingoffighters View Post
    Did you just miss the whole thing on FBI making up Russiagate?

    I'd say both sides are evil when they're willing to sacrifice people for political gain. The side with the majority does it while the minority gives a weak "tsk, tsk" from the sidelines. That people put up with this shit constantly shows that they're never going to support a third party candidate. The same thing happens to a degree here. People took to the streets to protest the governor, forcing him to resign. When I asked how getting rid one one man made a difference when his party controls EVERYTHING, people just went "durr" and kept yelling. Now that he's been replaced, those same dumbasses are all shocked Pikachu that nothing's changed. It's an era of collective stupidity.

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