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Thread: The Trump Presidency

  1. 150,000 people die a day, you'd need to process the deaths of 2 people every second to be able to care about all the people that die every day. It's just not possible and it's a very good evolutionary trait that we are able to not stress over the lives and deaths of every other member of our species. The key is how far your empathy stretches and whether you're willing to make trade offs for it. You should want to do everything you can to save your child's life and at the same time, for your mental health alone, maybe you shouldn't worry about the Mongolian's massive poverty barrier, because you can't do shit about it and you've never helped or hurt them, and that's ok. Not everything on Earth has to be your responsibility.

    People like to give others shit like they don't care about other people if they hold certain beliefs, but when was the last time you donated to a charity to help the homeless in a city you don't live in? When was the last time you donated your time to help the homeless in the city you fucking live in? There are choices that directly hurt people and choices that just don't help people, and it's difficult to navigate the differences between those sometimes. I'm sure lots of people that want to open things up just see more people suffering around them because of the shut down and want to help the people they can see suffering.

    This Pandemic is a very unique event in all of our lives, I've never had to watch so many people I know personally struggle financially,emotionally and with their mental health all because of a sickness that has effected ZERO people in my extended friends and family network. It takes a lot of critical thinking and a type of self sacrifice we didn't need before, to be able to step back and go "this isn't about me right now, but I can make choices that directly hurt people and even if I don't know them I need to be the kind of person that helps others when I can, not hurts them".

    It's hard for some people. We should acknowledge that it's hard for them.
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    We should have shown the dead and dying on tv. That got americans to take Vietnam seriously. It would have worked here too. You show a dead grandmother or a 5 year old on a ventilator and people's reptilian brain starts to get in line with their higher brain functions.

    Or shit, shine a camera up in that uhaul with 100 corpses. Put that pile of bodies on fox news. See if they can spin that.

    But we wont, because of HEPA. CNN might but they are into grief porn. Not anything actually helpful.

    It doesnt really matter if you can process the death toll. The point is that their is a Harry Potter sized snake out there killing people. Everyone is telling you the snake is out there. Do you or do you not want the snake to kill you? Do you plan to bring that fucker in the house to kill your family?

    We could have stopped this but we dont have the will for it it.

    We should have had intelligence in china. We should have known sooner. We should have shut down flights from countries that are exposed. We should have had tests ready at customs and tested every mother fucker getting off the plain and then held the whole aircraft if anyone was sick.

    We should have gave everyone ubi. Shut down everything. Had just people in hazmat suits delivery food and fuel.

    We've known since at least Bush jr this was coming.

    No one really cares. We have a fast and loose society built in a way to benefit old white conmen and little else.

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    It's also good to know that the America of 1939 is dead. The greatest generation that saved the world and everyone still waves their dick over is no longer.

    We are no longer strong and United. We would never have sacrificed to that level. We would not have done scrap drives. We would not have rationed food and rubber and fuel. We would not have gone to bed early. We would not have quit our jobs to enlist or work in war factories. We would not have spent our money on war bonds. We wouldn't have sent care packages to men at the front.

    We're selfish cowards now. We'd never do any of that now. We cant even keep our ass at the house.

  4. Joe was on the news today.

    Strategy seems to be trump sucks is my final answer to every question.

    Little odd he denies knowing anything about Flynn and then admits it 30 seconds later. Illegal investigation?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by station82o View Post
    If Trump is experiencing anxiety, it'll just manifest in other ways. He's not going to show it, not when his base is so vehemently in favor of ending lockdowns. See here's the danger for democrats ---- at this point, they're thinking the election will be a referendum on Trump's handling of the virus. But if more people lose their jobs in the coming weeks and months, they're going to eyeball who their governor is and what party is it that's responsible for them not being able to have kept their job by allowing businesses to open up soon. The states in favor of longer lockdowns are democratically controlled, and while they may feel that people are perceiving them as the responsible, competent ones, when it comes time to vote in November, a person's individual financial/economic state will matter more than anything else. They'll remember that Trump was in favor of reopening sooner and give him the nod. I don't like Trump myself, but I'm predicting the democrats overplay this situation, and they lose independent voters in swing states like Michigan and Pennsylvania whose governors seem to be the most hellbent on keeping the lockdowns going. Trump wins reelection.
    But Democrats, in characteristic fashion, aren't proposing a serious alternative. The Biden interview MVS posted above is a microcosm of the whole Democratic platform: "Orange man bad" is not a plan. Nobody is seriously advocating for the shutdown to go on long enough for a vaccine to be not only developed, but manufactured and distributed, so all the Democrats have is "Dying for Q2 earnings projections is wrong! We will fight for your right to die for Q3 earnings projections!"

    There is a way to open the economy and keep us all safe, but we've made it clear we're not going to have federal workers essentially seize mass food production like Vietnam (perhaps the biggest and most under-reported Corona success story in the world) did or even use the National Guard or police force to distribute subsidized food like China did. There is a way to keep us safe, but we've made it clear we'd never compromise the radical laissez-faire hellscape we've created. The Democrats could make a leftward pivot to propose a serious alternative, but their role as a party is performatively to reduce the speed at which we're hurtling rightward while absolutely halting any movement leftward. They've proven time and time again that they're unwilling to capitulate to progressives even if lives depend on it.
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by MVS View Post
    Joe was on the news today.

    Strategy seems to be trump sucks is my final answer to every question.

    Little odd he denies knowing anything about Flynn and then admits it 30 seconds later. Illegal investigation?
    It doesn’t really feel like he’s running for president.
    "Question the world man... I know the meaning of everything right now... it's like I can touch god." - bbobb the ggreatt

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    It never did.

  8. If Biden doesn’t pick Whitmer for VP, he’s dumb as shit. She is all over the news, proving her grit, would make a great foil for Trump, would rally the base, and she’s not bad looking for him to fondle.
    "Question the world man... I know the meaning of everything right now... it's like I can touch god." - bbobb the ggreatt

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