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Thread: The Trump Presidency

  1. yiiiiiiiikes

  2. They need to cut off his internet access. Stop paying for that cable bill.

  3. I think his campaign team is going need to make their own deep fakes just so he can appear normal.

  4. I had trouble believing that video was legit, despite the fact that it was brought to us by the hard-hitting news organization "AFRICAN SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE." But it's being confirmed by a number of mainstream news sites as real. I mean, shit.

    Trump is going to annihilate Biden's ass on any debate state simply by the virtue of being able to speak coherently. It won't matter that every other word Trump will say will either be wrong, straight-up retarded or an outright lie, Stammering Grandpa will still be trying to figure out how to counter Trump's opening statement two hours after the debate has ended.

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  5. This was from yesterday's Roundtable that he did. I can't tell if he's reading it and he just has real problems reading or if somebody's feeding him information in his ear. The way that he talks about the 85,000 people jobs jobs thing seems really really weird. It's like he's two words behind it I don't know.

    I know that Joe Biden has never really been known for being high up on the debate scale. This was the dude that let Sarah get out some regurgitated quips and made it look like a push. Trump is probably going to shitpost him to death on TV.

    I imagine it will be like the world's biggest asshole interrupting a senile old grandpa until one of them passes out.

  6. Come on Dolomite were you not concerned when this career politician of how many decades couldn't remember the words to the Declaration of Independence?

    This dude has a severe mental impairment and cannot speak he cannot remember anything maybe they'll most truthful thing that he said about Tara Reid was that he doesn't remember he probably doesn't.

  7. There are roughly, what, 150 million liberally minded citizens in the US. And this is the best one the DNC could find to run?

  8. You don't suppose that's as obvious to them as it is to us and that the DNC would rather have Trump than a progressive, do you?

  9. The "85,000 jobs" video is probably one of the more embarrassing moments I've seen from Biden. Normally he ranges from somewhat normal-sounding at times to rambling incoherently about teenagers sitting home on Saturday nights listening to their gramophones or some shit. But this might be a new low.

    Dolemite, the Bad-Ass King of all Pimps and Hustlers
    Gymkata: I mean look at da lil playah woblin his way into our hearts in the sig awwwwwww

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