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Thread: The Trump Presidency

  1. Does he even know what a computer is?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Dolemite View Post
    Yes, because Joe Biden is known far and wide for peddling non-stop conspiracy theories, baselessly accusing people of murder, threatening the leaders of other countries, bullying random people, blatantly lying non-stop about easily disproved shit, making rampant spelling/grammatical errors, announcing policy that he has no legal right to enforce, and generally being a petulant asshole.

    Oh wait, that's not Biden. That's Trump!
    None of that really matters tho. It's just a double standard that's pretty obvious. Trump was told by law he can't block anyone on Twitter seeing as being an elected official you're not allowed to do it. Yet someone like AOC had blocked people many times her own account and was literally ordered to unblock them and she still put up a fight over it. People can't bitch about wanting him deplatformed when other people have said & done way worse.

    What Trump says honestly is irrelevant. He's a fucking dumbass yes but you can't just police only him and then say it's fair when many other politicians are guilty of the same asshattery.

    This kind of shit honestly is why I don't use Twitter & have a total of one post. It's just too fucking awful of a platform.

    Biden isn't some kind of saint either cuz there's a huge laundry list of dumb shit he's done as well and I bet you if he got elected by some surprise stretch, Twitter wouldn't mess with his account because reasons.

    Anyways I don't think we'll see eye to eye on this which is fine. I don't want this to turn into a 3 page argument of who's right and who's wrong etc. I'll just say that time will only tell either way and hey If I'm wrong, I'll gladly admit to it.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by Satsuki View Post
    He should have been deplatformed long ago, but jack is like, "muh advertisement dollars!" I can only imagine what the average length of engagement time is on T_Ds page and how much it generates.
    I agree but keep in mind that means no more Twitter. Like, they go under. They were near dead when he started being a nuisance in 2011 or whatever.

    Quote Originally Posted by BonusKun View Post
    I'm willing to bet they don't do anything to Joe's account.
    While it's funny (and correct) to point out that Biden doesn't post/retweet complete lies and misinformation all day long, I would be very surprised if he ever suffered any kind of consequence for a bad tweet. A bad tweet by most big name liberal people obviously isn't the same as ... let me check my notes ... any Trump tweet, but before you rush to defend Ol' Clickety Clack, think about that Jimmy Fallon incident a few weeks ago. That doctored Pence video. Then you have super left-leaning accounts that post misleading crap that gets shared everywhere. Shit one of the "God" accounts, making fun of how Trump was allowed to post those absolute lies about Joe Scarborough, posted a completely made up thing along the same vein (Trump killed some woman in the 90's) and people believed it because Shaun King and Raw Story ran with it like news.

    To be clear, they 100% should include fact check warnings on every possible tweet by Trump and, probably, all the other crybaby right wingers. I would go so far as to say his tweets, in particular, should have to be approved by an actual human who fact checks them before appearing on the web site.
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  4. Trump should have been deplatformed before he was president.

    I don't think it's unreasonable to hold him more accountable for things like blocking users based on the fact that he's president.
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  5. I hope the next President does daily TikToc briefings.

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    Fact check everything political or hold twitter liable when people I'm office get people killed.

  7. fact checking is only as good as the politics of whoever is doing the checking.

  8. How many of y'all talk this shit but then still have Twitter (and Facebook etc) accounts (that aren't for promoting your business)?
    The Trump Twitter Outrage is his signature move and it's amazing that it still works to get eyes on that and worry about the dumb shit he's saying instead of the shady shit he's doing. It's amazing that it still worked after the first month.

    But Democrats have never been able to tell the difference between "saying" and "doing" as long as I've been alive, Trump's just exploits the shit out of it and it works.
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    Do you include yourself with those democrats?

  10. No. I've never been a Democrat/Republican.

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