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Thread: Youtube subs

  1. Yeah, i'm sorry to share it but it's only fair that everyone trying to learn spanish should suffer equally.
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    Where am I anyway? - I only registered on here to post on this thread

  2. I'm subscribed to almost 50 different channels, but most of it is either podcasts, music gear nerd stuff or obvious channels like Vice or Cartoon Network. Heres some that I like that you might like too!

    Almazan Kitchen

    Videos where some guy cooks food by a creek. The videos are really relaxing - they're slowly paced and feature no narration or talking of any kind, and the food is usually pretty great, with a lot of freshly picked ingredients from his surroundings.

    The Nerdwriter

    This guy makes videos that cover a range of topics, but I particular like his film and art analysis videos.

    This is not Happening

    Okay, this isn't really a channel, but it is a playlist of videos from comedian Ari Shaffirs TV show This Is Not Happening, in which a plethora of great comedians tell stories. The online videos are better than the TV show versions as they're uncensored and not edited down for time. There is so much good shit in here.

  3. I didn't know you could subscribe to youtube channels until just now.
    Boo, Hiss.

  4. I'm subscribed to a ton of fucking fluff.

    Parry Gripp - Don't even ask

    Auralnauts - The Bane outtakes were the tip of the iceberg

    College Binary - For the "Three Minute Philosophy" videos, though they've been quiet for a little too long

    Cinema Sins
    Screen Junkies - I think these two are the same people, but funny crap

    A Dose of Buckley - This guy gets it

    mugumogu - Cats
    - calianaderderajhfjdjjdskk

  5. I second the This Is Not Happening mention, those are almost always great.

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    I like these guys for learning about china

  7. The only subs I have are Game Sack and Kuma Films, which is mostly really esoteric performance art or skate videos.

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  8. I really need to give props to Arcade Impossible. I think that it is super cool to see these old arcade games repaired and playable again.

  9. Wendover Productions - why the world is the way it is

    kaptainkristian - essays on animation-ish

    CaptainDisillusion - Debunking video hoaxes disguised as 90s kids science show

    David Firth - The Salad Fingers guy learned some new tech

    FaithInTheGlitch - DJ sets

    Eclectic Method - Mashuppy topic songs

    Pogo - Mashuppy movie songs

    PEG - one credit clears

    Smraedis - light gun superplays

    Core-A Gaming - Fighting game detailed features

    Super Bunnyhop - Game review features

  10. I recently stumbled on Brick Builder, and I've been watching them each night since. I mute the sound and throw on my own music and have a great time. The bigger sets are my favorite but they seem to do every kind of set I could think of.


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