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Thread: Horizon Vanguard (my game)

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    Congrats, Tain. I feel like an ass for not making time to give you feedback. I guess it's not too late with patches and all.

  2. No worries, I'll definitely be listening to future feedback on this for the full game as well.

  3. Just ran across an interesting bug where my hands were on backwards at the start, when you grab gun and controller. Exiting to the Rift menu showed that it knew which was which, but in-game my left was right and vice-versa. Not sure but I think the controllers might have been reversed when I fired things up. Investigating...
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  4. I've seen that myself and a dude on YouTube ran into it too. To be honest I'm hoping that I'll have the Oculus API stuff back in place first, where this isn't an issue.

  5. Just released an update to the Horizon Vanguard demo, I'm pretty excited about the new stuff.

    Turns out that of all the scoring system ideas I had in my head, the one James suggested (involving consecutive pistol shots) was definitely the most elegant. I implemented it, complete with a feed display on the dashboard showing you your multiplier and escalating sound cues so you can tell how you're doing in the heat of the action:

    I've been really happy with this so far. It's added a lot of neat risk/reward situations to the game. Thanks, James!

    And what would a scoring system in 2017 be without leaderboards? It took a bit, but I got a cross-platform (Steam, Oculus, standalone DRM-free, maybe someday PSVR~) leaderboard implementation that I'm happy with. If you're on a platform with friends lists, you can still filter by those. There's a separate local scoreboard, too, of course!

    Finally, a pause button. This is something I put off for a little bit due to the arcade nature of the game, lol. I added some requested QoL features like a quick game restart and the ability to swap equipment between left and right hands.

    Still no native Oculus API support (I'm still getting weird UE4 jutter sometimes but not all the time in this UE4 version and I can't seem to truly stomp it out), so that'll have to wait for a future update. As such, you may still occasionally get hand models flipped in the title screen.
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  6. Dusting this thread off after a few years because I'm finally releasing next Friday, June 26th on Steam and! It's been a loooong trek, and I'm really wanting to drop the launch trailer but I'm holding off until the actual release for that, lol.

    One of the bigger changes during development worth noting is that the game no longer requires VR and is playable both in VR and traditional flatscreen modes.

    Would appreciate any wishlists on Steam or follows on!

  7. Added.
    I'll have to settle for the non-VR mode for now.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by kedawa View Post
    I'll have to settle for the non-VR mode for now.
    Same! How exciting, congrats man!

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    This game looks rad as fuck.


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