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Thread: Where's Yoshi?

  1. Where's Yoshi?

    I was checking out the last post from Yoshi on these forums, and his last post was on October 1st of this year. I've also noticed that he hasn't been active on PSN in over 26 days.

    Has TNL's dino gone extinct?

  2. I see him over at from time to time. He's alive at least.

  3. He's on Twitter.

  4. How motherfuckers gonna just be leaving after all this time?
    Boo, Hiss.

  5. He'll be back.

  6. He always comes back.
    - calianaderderajhfjdjjdskk

  7. he got a job in washington

  8. Cowboys are 9-1, the best team in the NFL, and Hillary Clinton just lost the election. I feel like this should be some sort of Yoshi Golden Age.

  9. I see him on Steam, so he's around, playing vidya games, still.

  10. He's waiting for America to be great again, then will return with the biggest I told you so ever.

    Or, he got tired of the leftism of the board, got tired of being compared to Hitler, and dropped off the board for a while. He'll be back, he's a lifer. He'll also be tickled that after so many have wished he'd leave, here's a thread inquiring about his whereabouts.


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