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    Lionsgate has tapped “Hamilton” star and creator Lin-Manuel Miranda to serve as creative producer and musical mastermind of feature film and TV series adaptations of “The Kingkiller Chronicle,” along with author Pat Rothfuss. Lionsgate said Miranda and Rothfuss will be intimately involved in the development of the new characters and storylines explored in the TV show. Lionsgate announced last year that it was developing a movie, TV show and videogame based on the fantasy series “The Kingkiller Chronicle.” SOURCE: Variety
    Sounds interesting, but how are they going to do a movie and a TV series with only two books released? They have a movie a maybe three seasons of content if they reallllly stretch it out. This guy writes slower than GRRM. They'll have to write content for the show passing the books in no time. If it lasts that long, it might be terrible.
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  2. I don't know what the kingkiller thing is but I think Lin is great so, sounds good to me.
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    The Kingkiller Chronicles - Patrick Rothfuss
    The first book is The Name of the Wind. This is my first suggestion to someone I don't really know asking for a fantasy recommendation. It's a good, fast, exciting, read. It is clear and primarily focuses on one character, avoiding a lot of the typical fantasy tropes. Two decent sized books are out, at least one more is on the way.
    I wrote this about four years ago in the Fantasy Suggestions thread.

    Third book still isn't even anywhere close to being out.

    It's about a bard struggling to make it through college. haha.

    I know a few people have read it here... some loved it, some people hated it.
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    it might be terrible.
    Considering the source material......that's pretty much guaranteed.
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  5. Kvothe is such an unlikeable character.


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