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Thread: Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite: Capcom Cinematic Universe

  1. I've been playing this all day and I've gotta say, this game oozes variety and the opportunities to be creative in your play are VAST. It really is hard to put down.

    Also, Captain Marvel is too good.
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by cigsthecat View Post
    It really does look like a phone game. Even the menus are super barebones. Clearly they're trying to see just how little they can put into this. Anyone who bought KOF XIV has blood on their hands.

    But Champ's Dormammu is looking terrifying already, and the community rolls on.
    I thought KOF XIV was pretty solid. That was the most recent one right? No regrets.
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  3. I'm talking about the art/design, not the "gameplay." This is where the "art doesn't matter" crew leads you. It will only get worse.

  4. Didn't KoF XIV like... barely even happen, though? I don't know enough to call it a fact, but I feel like it's a strong possibility that they couldn't afford high production value costs for that game. Either that or it was too risky at the time.

    I think the game would have also had to be a success in order for other makers of fighting games to see it as an opportunity. 220,000 sales to date and the general community quitting the game after a month or so isn't a success. Gameplay-wise it's the best since Ultimate Match '02, but it just didn't take off. So I really don't think Capcom was like, "Oh, KoF XIV did so well. Let's do what they did. No way. If anything, the sales of SFV discouraged them from making a good looking Marvel rather than KoF encouraged them not to.
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  5. #115
    Kof was still waaaay better than SFV.

  6. ...And Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite is waaaay better than Street Fighter V as well. King of Fighters XIV is still the top fighter of this generation though. It's a pity that it didn't sell well.

  7. I watched a bit of this shit during scr this weekend, kinda looks like it's msh vs sf with ugly character models and bored unexcited people behind the sticks

    it also has great copy protection on pc, being 60 gigs of garbage and all

  8. It would seem USFII on Switch had a bigger debut than this in the UK.

    Where I play
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  9. So did Pokken on Switch.


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