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Thread: Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite: Capcom Cinematic Universe

  1. Not if they're an MVC1 fan!
    I'm tempted to think that a 2v2 capcom crossover fighter with a gem system is going to turn out about as well as it did last time, but the Marvel games have done both of those things successfully before individually, so I remain optimistic.

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    The announcement trailer is not my style. I really liked SFV, so I'm still hoping the gameplay video will show us something different from the trailer.

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    I'd love a less hectic vs. game. I never took to MvC2 after really enjoying XvSF, MSFvSF and the first MvC.

    If they want to calm down on million hit combos that would be fine too.
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    2v2 is an improvement imo.

  5. at least they'll give it ample opportunity to be finished before its released


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  6. The gameplay trailer made it look like a very different game from the last one, but it's hard to say given how early it is.


    Although frantic combat is core to the series, Director of Production at Capcom Mike Evans wants more casual fans to be able to jump in without being overwhelmed; in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, each player had to choose three characters from an enormous roster, then choose one of three assists for those characters. In Infinite, you’ll only have to select two characters and one Infinity Stone.
    Each stone will grant one ability that can be activated at any time, and one stronger ability will be more rare (again, the team has yet to work out the specifics of how they will limit this ability). When I brought up Street Fighter V’s V-System as a potential reference point for Infinity Stones, they instead pointed me toward Capcom Vs. SNK 2’s Groove System.

  8. In game looks grooooooss. Everything is covered in metallic shiny shit.
    Boo, Hiss.

  9. It looks like Injustice. Gross!


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