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Thread: Let it Die (PS4)

  1. Let it Die (PS4)

    Anyone heard of this game? It looks rad. New Suda51 game out today for free on PS4. Looks like some sort of Dead Rising/Souls mashup.

    I'll definitely check it out after Capcom Cup.

  2. Downloading it now, it's a hefty file. But yeah, pleasantly surprised it's free. Suda games usually fare better as rentals, take in the cool design ethos and then bail once the gameplay jank starts rising to the surface.

  3. It is F2P, so hopefully that doesn't ruin it. Looks fun though.

  4. Oh man. You guys should check this out.

  5. Yeah, it's a lot of fun. Combat's pretty rote, but everything around it is solid and Suda's wacky presentation is super endearing.

    The F2P stuff is entirely ignorable after the initial sales pitch, the economy doesn't feel built around it at all. You'll have plenty of money to blow on weapons and upgrades with a bit of play and leveling's not a slog at all.

  6. I want to like it but the combat is really awful, and it seems like that's all there is to the game.

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    Yeah, I'm not feeling the combat. You can run super fast but the attacks are so slow.

  8. The dropkick is hilarious. The official FAQ is actually incredibly helpful:

  9. I like the structure of this game a lot, and it does get pretty fun as your resources start to dwindle and you start to get overwhelmed. I do worry about how slow it is when you start a new fighter, though.

  10. I'm really loving this game so far. Also, that didn't take long:

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