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Thread: TNL Holiday Wishlist 2016 Edition: You CAN Redo!


    okay here's mine! and i got a few things for people, more to come~
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  2. I'm totally OCD and need to have everything organized, so I use my Amazon Wish List to sort what games I'm hunting for, for each system. So, my list is divided into like 16 categories or some by system, books, CDs, all have their own categories.

    Also, I got married and bought a new house this money is kinda tight at the moment. However, I'll definitely send a gift back to anybody who is kind enough to send me something.

    As always, used is fine with everything....and if you're rad enough to send me a retro game, cartridge only is completely fine! I'd never pay those outrageous prices for some of those complete SNES games. I do like any CD/DVD/Blu-ray based game to come complete though.

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    List is all caught up and links seem to be working. We only need 10 more for the raffle!

  4. I'll be doing my first batch this weekend
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  5. Probably won't be able to send anything out 'til January, but here's mine:

  6. Here's mine!

    I wasn't able to buy for many people last year. Hopefully, I can get to more this time around.

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    List is looking good, would love to see at least six more people join!

    Big thanks to Error for the Rush R40 blu ray, I've been wanting to see this fully for a while now!


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