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Thread: Blade Runner 2049

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    Well fuck them

  2. I saw this last night and came away impressed. It was slow in parts, but still seemed shorter than it actually was. The main plot twist was actually unexpected, which is pretty uncommon in my experience.
    It definitely has a darker tone than the first movie, but still very similar.

  3. I walked away from 2049 not disappointed and that's really saying something as the original has been among my all time favorite movies since it came out. Great companion piece and didn't get caught up in a ton of action sequences.

    Gotta agree with Kisner though that the most disappointing thing was the Zimmer score which sounded like a bastardized hybrid of Vangelis, the Heroes soundtrack, and BvS. He's done much better work in the past.

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    I thought the soundtrack was fine. Not great, I don't think anything stands out like the original, but it was perfectly serviceable.
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