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Thread: The Grand Tour

  1. The Grand Tour

    So, Clarkson Hammond and May's new show The Grand Tour is 6 weeks old, and I'm really starting to wish that they would stick to driving cars and making a show about it. The stuff in the tent is a waste of time, and new Stig is insulting. It adds nothing to the show. So much of the show feels like they are making it out of spite somehow. Haha we're not on the BBC anymore we can do what we want. So we'll make jokes about homosexuals and vegans and Americans.

  2. The new stig is really stupid. They've fully embraced the buffoonery, not even a hint of trying to conceal the gags as caught on camera coincidences.

  3. It's a little more corny but it's still the same show. I like it. The most recent Ep with the beach buggies was great.
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  4. The Ford vs Ferrari 24 hour Le Mans segment from episode 6 was fantastic.

  5. Beach Buggies felt like it was Top Gear. As in no BS. If they go that route for the rest of the season I'd be more than happy with the show. Also enjoyed that Le Mans thing.

  6. New season starts tonight. Episode 1 is excellent.

  7. This is becoming one of my favorite shows.
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  8. Ya ep 2 was solid. New driver is not annoying yet. This is good. The new celeb thing is weird so far. "What F-List celebrities can we bring on that people might remember from the 80s?" Yes Hoff was bigger than F-List but not any more. If it turns out that this is an all elaborate gag riffing on the fact that they are using these celebs because they killed all the good ones in season 1 i will be amused and impressed.

  9. This week was a clever episode. Clearly they were trying to make a point. I loved it.

  10. Season 2 has been great. I’ve really enjoyed all the non studio stuff a lot. Really well done. I wish there were more eps a season. Just finished 10. I’ve also noticed they post the new eps pretty early on Thursday evenings.
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