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Thread: Completion Thread 2017: Trigger Happy Havoc

  1. Bioshock Burial at Sea Part 2 - finally went through it to get this game off my hard drive forever. I actually like how they made it a bit more stealth oriented - it would have been cool to play Infinite like this instead of the endless shootman slog it became.

    But you know this series ended up leaving a really bad taste in my mouth. Bioshock 1's setting and plot was so tight and it stood as an example of a good, complete, and satisfying narrative. Then a bunch of teams spent years bolting on different stuff that, while it may have moved units, really didn't make it better.

    Infinite's multiverse didn't feel right (like few multiverse things do) and this expansion bent over backwards trying to tie the two games together and it ended up a bit ridiculous. They also did some really egregious retconning of Infinite's story in a way that, again, took away from it. I think Ken Levine heard himself be called a genius a few too many times.

    Maybe the Vita game will make amends.

  2. Played a bunch of Mario Kart 8 (WiiU) and somewhere along the lines, I got the end credits screen (even though haven't touched much of the 100cc+ races).

    Also finished Real Bout 2 a bunch of times on level 4 difficulty. Love this game.

  3. 13) Nier: Automata (PC)
    Endings: ABCDEGKMQ
    Started on Normal but moved it up to Hard later. Hard mode makes it even more fun. There's the risk of a 1HKO, which makes your chip selection something to pay more attention to.
    Combat is a blast in this one. The double jump allows you to take the fight to flying enemies instead of shooting them down, and the Pod flight is useful for some platforming and sometimes to regroup against a mob of machines. "Evading" can also be used to rush an enemy down sometimes, or get a little extra distance on jumps. Several genres of action are mixed in quite well- one scene can go into an overhead view, or it can be a side-scrolling platformer. I found the hacking minigames to be nice, and was glad to see the Arcade feature at the save points.

    Some games seem more about story, while others tilt toward great gameplay. Nier: Automata does a good job of covering both, with a compelling plot that pulls no punches. 2B & 9S are cool protagonists, while there are some particularly memorable NPCs such as Pascal, Jean-Paul, and Jackass. Keiichi Okabe and his BGM group Monaca have blessed it with a stellar soundtrack.

    Finished in 2018: 20 games (AC: 10, PC: 3, PS4: 5, SCD: 1, Gen: 1)

  4. 2) Croixleur Sigma

    I like what this game has under its hood. Everything is cancelable into anything--every mechanic exists to encourage you to wave dash all over the place like a maniac. I kept thinking, "When the real game starts, it's going to rule." But there is no real game, just a sequence of prolonged exercises in Training Mode. I don't mind a Dream Factory-ish series of identical rooms filled with waves of pallette-swaps, but the skill ceiling of the Gun Valkyrie-tier movement and combat is so much higher than the level of proficiency the game requires of you to put up even decent scores/times that it feels like a waste. It never figures out what a good obstacle looks like, nor is it interested in trying--the enemy variety is awful.

    I had a lot of fun playing this for a night and would recommend it to anyone who doesn't mind getting only one night's worth of fun out of a beat-'em-up. But I'll never play it again.

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    Finally beat Spirit Tracks. I'm glad to see an end to the DS Zeldas. The instrument was annoying to play, the stylus controls a hindrance, the train was a fun novelty that quickly became a chore. Pretty far down my list of Zeldas.

  6. That might be the worst one. Zelda 2 is a dumb game but I respect it for taking chances. It's at least an interesting game. Spirit Tracks just reiterates everything Phantom Hourglass (a very good game) did, but worse. Even when it's good, it's never interesting.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by A Robot Bit Me View Post
    Phantom Hourglass (a very good game)
    Good to see some people somewhere know what the fuck they are talking about.

  8. If it wasn't for the one dungeon that gets really fucking old I'd agree
    You sir, are a hideous hermaphroditical character which has neither the force and firmness of a man, nor the gentleness and sensibility of a woman.

  9. If it weren't for that one dungeon I'd disagree. That's the best part of the game.

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    I wasn't a fan but it's better than Spirit Tracks.

    Opened and played through the copy of Trace Memory I found at the flea market a couple of years ago. Not bad, got through it without having to look anything up but I think I got a bad ending.


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