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Thread: Completion Thread 2017: Trigger Happy Havoc

  1. It's since been raised to an 8. Does Metacritic recalibrate?

  2. Doesn't seem so because almost everything else is 80+

    If everything on MC was equal weight that would still put it at 83, which I would still argue is far too low. It's not for everyone but it should at least be 85.
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  3. I'm too lazy to look, but if this got a 4 initially because of technical issues, I'd hope No Man's Sky and anything Bethesda were treated the same. Oh, and Sim City 5 or whatever it was.

  4. Well prey is a Bethesda game heh. NMS should get a 4 the entire time.

    Yeah it's a shame. I'm sure the complaints were valid but sometimes certain PC configs can cause issues at launch. Consoles have no such excuse, and those games are getting buggy (I hear that a patch broke the PS4 version).

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    Prey is sort of a Bethesda game. It's published by Bethesda Softworks but not developed by Bethesda Game Studios.

    edit: If it were published by Nintendo, you could add 10 to its Metacritic score without changing anything but the logo on the box.

    edit2: Actually it's probably more like 5. IGN is easily a +1 on a 10 point scale though. Not all reviewers are so obviously biased thankfully. Eurogamer is another one that skews heavily in Nintendo's favor, but they don't do numbers anymore, so it won't impact Metacritic.
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  6. Wilson's Heart

    I took a long time to finish this one, because my girlfriend wanted to watch the whole thing and we only had time on weekends.

    Super interesting game, an adventure game at its core, but also one of the first real, full-length AAA made-for-VR games I've played. The retro-horror atmosphere is really excellent, and it does a great job of giving you fresh scenarios that keep the story going for about 7 or 8 hours. I really liked the scenario, the sharp black and white visuals, and the classic horror vibe.

    Mechanically, it reminds me a lot of Arkham VR. It's strictly standing, but not full room scale, with node-teleport only, so it's a bit confining. This helps make it obvious what you're supposed to do -- sometimes too obvious. Inventory puzzles are telegraphed so loudly they're all but pointless (the inventory object you need pops up on its own when you're supposed to use it). But like all adventure games, there are also parts where you have an idea of what to do but don't know how to make the game do it, which is a little extra weird in a physical game like this where you're clumsily trying to grab at things. Those moments were only occasional, but when they happened they took me out of it. There's combat as well, and the encounters mostly use different mechanics (throwing stuff, blocking, punching, melee weapons, etc). These are usually pretty fun but it's hard to fight your instinct and stand in place (the game pauses if you move far in any direction) when bad guys are lunging at you.

    It doesn't have a lot of the genuinely clever puzzle mechanics that Obduction did, but it does handle physical interaction much better. The size, scope, and amazing atmosphere alone make it one of the better VR games out there.

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    3. Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (PC, ÜBER)

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    I don't know how you say "bad mother fucker" in German, but that's what the Nazis were calling me by the end of this one. I almost gave up on the first damn combat room of the game, but you might have noticed that I'm a stubborn son of a bitch, so I stuck with it. I'm really glad I did. My only regret is not playing this one sooner. I feel like it hit the sweet spot between pure action FPS games like Doom and stealth focused ones like Dishonored. I probably stealth killed more enemies than shot, but it probably wound up pretty close because of some of the set pieces. The pace also quickened considerably in the second half to really build some positive momentum in both gameplay and story. Don't sleep on this one as you go from New Order to New Colossus.

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    Schlechte mutter fucker.
    To boldly go where lots of men have gone before...

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  10. Beat Quantum Break. Glad I played it. Best visuals I have ever seen IMO. I'd say it's about as good as Alan Wake.
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