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Thread: Completion Thread 2017: Trigger Happy Havoc

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Joust Williams View Post
    Beat Horizon: Zero Dawn. Solid B. Not a B+. Way too many flaws IMO. But it's an open world game I actually finished, so there's that
    How does it compare to RDR? I heard they are similar in some ways.

  2. Wel it has been a long time since I played (and finished) RDR so I don't know exactly what the comparison is or how to qualify "If you liked RDR, you'd like this". One could say the strength of this game was an open world environment with good combat that plays differently than most combat-oriented games these days (the melee could use work, but the bow is rad, like they usually are--I suppose part of the comparison is the unsophostication of the ranged weapons). The main storyline was good if a bit predictable. I really couldn't care less about the side stories. The leveling system is nice, it's not about "do more damage, take less" other than the fact that you do get more health each level. So in theory you could beat everything at a low level other than the leveling is automatic (minus choosing your skills). It's not a heavy loot game, there really is almost nothing to find other than a couple of the side quests. The shops have the same exact stuff, it's just the better gear costs more and has more slots for "gems". No level requirements for armor or weapons. The crafting is painless.

    I found it overrated by some of the gaming community (I know the reviews are great but I mostly blame crazy Sony fans for hyping stuff way too much) but it was good and I'll play the DLC.
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  3. Played Skyrim (PS4) again and achieved 100% trophies - man, that took a long freaking time but still a great RPG. 250+ hours (yeah, I get distracted easily) but so worth it.

  4. 3. Castlevania Bloodlines

    If the bosses had a little more bite, this would have been better than Rondo. Instead, it's merely one of the best platformers ever. Also, the whip swing and spear vault are under-used; CV4 did a much better job letting the moveset breathe, though its better-adapted moveset and its soundtrack are the only two advantages CV4 has over Bloodlines.

    I started expert mode immediately after finishing the default difficulty. It's pretty wild.

  5. Lone Echo: Finished in about 6 hours, which was actually longer than I was expecting. This was really a phenomenal experience. The puzzles were pretty simple, but grounded in the game's fiction, so they seldom felt "gamey" or artificial, and the decision to keep the story to just two characters really helped to reinforce that bond and keep me caring as the story unfolded.

    Obviously the biggest thing here is the locomotion system, which is indeed, insanely fun, immersive, and very comfortable. This is one of the few standing VR experiences I got so immersed in, I found myself playing for almost two hours at once. It's good enough I'm quite sure it's something I'll want to play again, even if there's not a lot of artificial incentive to do so other than collecting all the collectibles, and completing all the optional missions that don't really matter.

    It is in many ways the best VR game right now, and certainly the best narrative game in VR. The ending seems to set up a sequel, so I'm hoping they actually do that.

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    It's probably Rondo, CV3, then Bloodlines for me in terms of classicvania.

  7. I think it's Rondo, Chronicles, Bloodlines for me. I still haven't given CV3 the time it deserves.

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    Those are definitely the top four. After Rondo, I think the order will always differ based on preference, but it's hard to make an objective argument for anything else being above any of them.

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    I want to play the X68k version so bad, apparently Chronicles in original mode is more difficult than the original. I may need to emulate since I'll not likely ever get the computer.

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    6. Endless Space (PC)
    Finished a run of this a few months ago, it got it's hooks into me early and didn't let go. Somehow it managed to get me to read through tutorials for a solid 3 hours before starting, but then everything clicked and it was a great time.
    I ended up roughly 130 turns in before war ever began, and in the end I achieved an expansion victory around turn 320. I chose to continue past there and achieved a science victory as well, researching every possible thing in the tree. It's interesting that this game's normal settings only pit me against one AI opponent, while the default on the second game had me against 8. The game looks nice, the battles are fun when it's a big fleet on fleet kinda thing, and the worlds and maps are done well. Overall a really great game that I'll probably go back to someday.

    7. Armello (PC)
    This was in a Humble Bundle and I had never heard of it, but I'm really glad that I tried it out. It's a fun and colorful turn based strategy game, and recent updates have allowed for fast forwarding of enemy turns which is a nice option. I've been able to achieve a soul stone, kingslayer and prestige victory so far, haven't tried for the corruption win but that's next. Will keep going back for the unlocks.


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