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Thread: Completion Thread 2017: Trigger Happy Havoc

  1. Hell yeah. Volgarr is fantastic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Finch View Post
    It's a fine game that everyone thinks is a broken piece of shit because they form their opinions through other people's and can't imagine a Japanese game without kojima'a fat face behind it possibly being good. And that one fishing spot no one could find even though it was marked on the map. i was so fucking angry i almost stopped playing right there
    For all the friends I've given a copy, the first half seems to hurt it. It comes off as a brown Zelda . That is part of the narrative but they don't realize that on the first play through.

  3. 3. Furi

    Surprisingly good! A boss rush game that uses a very well-realized mix of twin stick shooting and fast dodge-and-parry melee. It's tied together with a nice structure: you get three lives per battle, and battles usually consist of 4 or 5 drastically different phases (some dodging bullets, some melee, some both, some in wide arenas with cover, some on 2D fields, etc etc). Die and the phase restarts, run out of lives and the battle restarts. The battles aren't the longest (damage dealt and taken are high), but you'll still feel plenty of tension when approaching the last phases of these fights. While the ultra purple neon faux-80s look is pretty overplayed these days, Furi does a good job of using its highlights without pummeling you with it. You can definitely feel the game's low budget, but the devs knew what they were working with and came up with something pretty nice looking. Neat character designs and great music, too. Also a very cool ending and the final boss fight or the one I did was pretty nuts.
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  4. I really wanted to like Furi but the controls felt slightly laggy, especially in comparison to Transformers Devastation that I downloaded on the same day. Killed the whole thing for me, unfortunately.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by MechDeus View Post
    I really wanted to like Furi but the controls felt slightly laggy, especially in comparison to Transformers Devastation that I downloaded on the same day. Killed the whole thing for me, unfortunately.
    I could believe that. The game's dodge button is mushy (probably since you can charge it and it acts on release), and on top of that Unity and borderless window and vsync (on by default) are a bad combo on a standard monitor.

    If you ever try it again and are on PC, try the command line option to force Unity games to run in true fullscreen ("-window-mode exclusive") and maybe turn off vsync.

  6. I couldn't get down with that game either. Bad parry-feel. Couldn't get over the "this doesn't feel like I'm playing it right" feeling. To be fair, I probably wasn't.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by A Robot Bit Me View Post
    1. Volgarr the Viking I want to play this on my Vita so bad.
    It's out for Vita.

    I am in pleasure country.

  8. And the port sucks. The zoomed-out view is unavailable. Platform sprites in stage 4-2 went missing, rendering all platforms invisible and breaking the game.

    You failed to tell me I could buy it and then failed to tell me I shouldn't.
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  9. 1. DungeonUp (PC)
    *Copied from Steam
    This was a really nice little game. I say little because it can be completed fairly quickly and playing through again will net you the same items and such, but with the subsequent dungeons being random it feels fresh and engaging again. There's a good balance from early on of deciding when to fight monsters and when to seek out power ups instead, which leads to backtracking that feels productive instead of a slog. Some fun secret areas to discover kept me coming back and wanting to see everything the game had to offer.

    This game came in a bundle for me, so I wasn't aware of it at all before, but I'm very glad I had the chance to play it. Great time killer when you just want to relax and puzzle for a while.

  10. 2. Shadow of Mordor

    Possibly the worst final boss fight in videogame history, the last battle is a QTE requiring four or five button inputs. Takes maybe 20 seconds. The battle just before that where you pit your recruits against the five new warchiefs was rad, though.

    Still a good to great game. The abilities are almost all exciting because they all significantly change combat and are all OP as hell. I'll do the DLC for sure.


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