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Thread: Completion Thread 2017: Trigger Happy Havoc

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Some Stupid Japanese Name View Post
    1. Persona Q.

    Loved, LOVED, LOVED!! this game. I put 120 hours into it, 40 of which was easily messing around with Persona builds- which I did so much of because I was having fun doing it. I spent the last two dungeons one shot-ing mobs and taking out FOEs as soon as I came across them within two turns, sometimes within one if the stars aligned correctly. I took out the two final boss forms within 2 turns.
    I kinda want to new game+ it with the Persona 4 quest line and set to a harder mode. But the backlog is soooo huge. I just can't justify it.
    Definitely looking forward to PQ2.
    Oh, definitely don't play this for the story. At times it seems like two people were hired to write one side of a dialog while never knowing what the other person was writing. But the dungeons were fun, almost too easy. I much prefer that to obnoxious backtracking and crossing lanes you've already been over so you can easily lose yourself like some dungeon crawlers (Dungeon Travelers 2 for example, I am so close to beating it but the last dungeon is incredibly obtuse).
    man, I wish I have more time to play this. Just too many JRPGs in my backlog.

  2. Uncharted Lost Legacy: Its pretty great! Don't pass on it because it's not full price! Has the best last level I've played in a game in years!
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    The price is why I bought it day one instead of waiting a year.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by NeoZeedeater View Post
    Nier: Automata
    I don't know if I want to do the multiple playthroughs to see everything yet (maybe later on) but the first trek through was great, and with smoother action than the first game.
    Calling them playthroughs is misleading. The second is the same thing again from another perspective but #3 isn't a playthrough- it's the rest of the game. And it's definitely worth your time.

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    I heard the second part is a drag but if the third part makes up for, then it should be worth it.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by NeoZeedeater View Post
    I heard the second part is a drag but if the third part makes up for, then it should be worth it.
    FirstBlood is right. The "playthroughs" are actually distinct chapters. Part 3 just blows the whole game wide open. Once you get there, you won't want to stop. I guarantee it.

    My suggestion for part 2 is to abuse the hacking as much as possible. The game is a lot more fun that way! You can pretty much hack (and control) any enemy in the game.
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  7. There's a good chunk of part 2 playthrough that is different as well. And you really need to see the rest of the game since it's pretty damned awesome.
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    To live in a world where people that watch youtube summaries of the first release sing the praises of the second, while the three guys that made an audio blog about the first haven't touched the second.

    I guess 2 had to many thicc cyborgs and not enough futanari.

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    11. Bridge Constructor (PC)

    Built all bridges to hold trucks, now that opens up tankers. Some of my trucks just barely survived, so there is going to be tweaking needed on almost every level. I really enjoy this game in small increments, turning it on to figure out a few levels and then coming back another day. Took a while to finish it, but there are so many other areas and versions of the game that came with it that I'll continue to go back for a while. Worth the $3 or whatever it was for the whole package for sure.

  10. 16) Painkiller: Hell & Damnation (PC)
    Finished on Nightmare difficulty (3 of 4). A sequel to Painkiller featuring remade levels from the original and some new ones. Since this is an HD version, they decided to follow Konami's lead (ala Harmony of Dissonance) with the "Hell & Damnation" subtitle. A new Soulcatcher weapon is introduced, which can suck the demons' souls in from a distance or even directly out of their bodies. It also has a sawblade that can pierce through several enemies to kill several in one shot.
    Some other weapons that are fun to use are the Shuriken gun, with its electric arc alt-fire that can be used to shoot chain lightning (many weapons also have a shot that you get by clicking left & right together). The Black Tarot card prize feature from the older PK titles is in, with goals such as gibbing a certain number of frozen enemies, killing the boss within X minutes, clearing out all monsters, etc.
    Very good, though I'd rate it lower than Serious Sam HD.

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