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Thread: Completion Thread 2017: Trigger Happy Havoc

  1. Good job ARBM, I don't think I can 1cc SoR3.

  2. 2 is better
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  3. 2 is broken by axel's forward, forward, punch.

  4. 1 is the best with the police cruiser bazooka

  5. 4. Gravity Rush 2

    Played on Hard. This is similar to the original: the combat is pretty sloppy and simple, but moving around is a blast, the aesthetics are beautiful, the characters are charming, and it's ultimately great time. Everything the original did well, this does better. The Lunar movement mode is perfect (especially that camera and animation when doing the rocket takeoff) and I wish that there were more platforming challenges using it. It's also a surprisingly big game, between all the city areas, and I really liked the final story arc.

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    3. Bare Knuckle 3

    1 CC, beeeitch. I think I had a no miss going until Robo-X. Not a super hard game or anything, but I don't think I've done that before. The last boss usually kills me three or four times. This time I got lucky on my last life and caught him in a jump attack loop.

    Tough to say whether this or 2 is better. I love how 3 encourages you to use special moves, but 2's music...

    I tried to play this online with a buddy tonight. Thoroughly unplayable. The netcode was a nightmare. Not sure if the BC was a factor or what.
    oh nice!
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    2. Inside (PC)
    As a big fan of Limbo, I was pretty excited about this. It was a great little game with oppressive tones throughout and a beautiful and haunting art style. As soon as the credits were done rolling I jumped right back in to find the secret areas I missed and show the lady the game. 3 hours to finish it the first time, with getting a little lost at points (forgot you can EXIT the sub whenever you need to), but it was one of those things that just kept pulling me to the next area, I felt compelled to finish it. Interesting, beautiful and haunting. Great game!

  7. If u want a similar game to limbo try out Toby. It's not as great, but still worth a play through I thought.
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    Shantae: Risky's Revenge (2010) and Shantae and the Pirate's Curse (2014)

    I've avoided the Shantae series for years for mostly superficial reasons. Mostly because the box art and screen caps look like deviant art by trump's kid. But after seeing how nice the gameplay looked on videos of Half genie hero, I decided to give them a shot when they went on sale back in December.

    These are pretty swell games. The sprites are much better than the generic cover art would have you believe. And the gameplay is a nice mix of other runnguns / platformers. Parts felt like metroid. Other parts felt like metal slug. And a lot felt like Aladdin for the sega gen. I'm not sure who the target audience was for this series, as the story feels young adult if not younger, but the platforming towards the end is pretty old school. I don't see a lot of 8 to 14 year olds getting through Pirate's Curse. The last castle has some ninja like cheap shit in it.

    I won't pass on these anylonger. These two were as good as the top quarter of the platformers on snes and gen imo.

  9. No one has ever answered my one question about the new one.

    Do numbers fly out of enemies when you hit them?

  10. Yes.


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