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Thread: Completion Thread 2017: Trigger Happy Havoc

  1. Just beat Ninja Gaiden Shadow for GB without continues a few days ago. Not the hardest game and a bit short, but extremely fun and more polished than Shadow of the Ninja.

  2. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - plays well, but a poor story and overly preachy moralizing really bring it down and leave an unpleasant taste. Apparently Square is done with this franchise and I can't say I am surprised. Of course they left the game on an annoying shitty cliffhanger we'll never see resolved.
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  3. Enemy Front (PS3) - steaming pile of shit that I've been working on intermittently for what feels like forever. Terrible checkpoints, dumb AI, bullets flying through steel/concrete barriers. Just avoid this WWII shooter.

  4. 5. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

    Played on Madhouse in VR. I didn't know what to make of this game's demo. It was creepy, yeah, but it felt like it was mostly just biting PT's shtick and it left me with worries that the full thing was gonna be some Amnesia-tier garbage. What a huge step down from the action Biohazard trilogy that would have been! But nah, this game is fucking great. Playing this in Madhouse difficulty is the closest thing I've seen to REmake. It has you making some big decisions on when to save an how to use your items, it has you hyper-concerned with whether or not your bullets hit, and it has you constantly wondering if there are ways to around encounters entirely. While it doesn't have the biggest cast of enemies, they move in consistently tricky ways to avoid headshots (which is probably why the FPS mechanics don't break the classic tension in the first place) and it takes a good, long while for them to stop being legitimately terrifying. There's a fairly unique setting and cast of characters on top of all of this, and while things get a little silly later in the game, this is maybe the only RE plot I've even kinda cared about.

    The game's also a milestone for VR. Pretty much every good decision Capcom could have made in adapting core FPS mechanics to VR is here. Turning with the right stick makes you rotate in set angles, with a fast transitional animation allowing you to maintain your sense of direction, and flicking the right stick upwards snaps wherever you're looking to your IRL "forward" direction. This works extremely well. Aiming is fast and natural, using the HMD's tracking like a mouse. The cutscenes work well using blink transitions and, every once in a while, a traditional 2D theater display. There's dynamic FOV option, too, but I turned that off (a lot of this stuff is thankfully configurable). The result of all of this is a game built on fairly traditional first-person mechanics that I could comfortably play for hours in VR. Peeking into disgusting containers looking for items, having things jump right the fuck up in my face, peeking over countertops from crouch while hoping the Bakers doesn't see me... it's all so engaging and I wouldn't have it any other way.

    The dynamic resolution sometimes takes a heavy dip in the name of maintaining 60fps (mostly during area transitions) and the PSVR's screen resolution can only get you so far, but hey, there's a PC version coming in a year lol.
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  5. 04) Alien vs. Predator (AC)
    Score: 3264202 (1 credit to stage 6 boss, then two more credits the rest of the game)
    Played as Predator Warrior.

    Probably one of the best combo systems in a beat-em-up. Juggles, ground hits, and even some OTG combos (slide into a downed enemy with Down+Jump, then follow with Up+Attack as you hit). Decimating a horde of 10 or so aliens in seconds is quite the rush. This is one game that Capcom should dust off for an HD version. Good BGM, especially the track introduced for stage 3 "Forced Assault" which is reused several times and never gets old because it's that awesome. It just gets you in the mood to kick serious ass.

    Sega's 32X missed the hell out when the port got canned. That said, AvP would've been good for Saturn.

    Finished in 2018: 29 games (AC: 14, PC: 5, PS4: 6, SCD: 1, Gen: 1, SNES: 2)

  6. Finally beat Ys Ark of Napishtim today, it was an ok game overall but easily the weakest of the Ys series. The platforming in it introduced me to new levels of frustration, as did the awful hit detection on enemies. Story was nice though. Time to finally start Ys 7 now.
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  7. 2. King's Bounty: Warriors of the North

    Took me 110 hours. The first 35 I did a couple years back, and then spent the last month or so chipping away at the rest of the game. I really like these games, but I can't handle more than one every 4-5 years. They do become complete slog-fests, and, like the others I've played, this one is a buggy mess. There are a ton of small graphical glitches, and some pretty major quest-related bugs as well. I ran into one that kept me from completing a sidequest, and then another actually kept me from being able to initiate the final battle. Luckily I had a save from 5-6 hours back that I was able to reload, but going through that stuff twice was really tedious.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Tain View Post
    , but hey, there's a PC version coming in a year lol.
    The exclusivity expires in a year. That doesn't mean there's any PC VR support coming. It's still totally unknown.

  9. True, never thought of it that way. I really hope the PC version gets VR support.

  10. 05) Crysis 3 (PC)
    Finished on Post-Human Warrior difficulty. Not bad, but definitely a good place to let the series end.

    I'm hoping Square Enix gives us two more Deus Ex titles whenever- one to close out Jensen's saga, and later to retell JC Denton's arc. MD is a good installment to the franchise, and sadly underappreciated it seems. DX is on hiatus for now, thanks to an upcoming Marvel Avengers title. Bleh. I'd rather see Marvel Avengers come from Activision. I'd rather see SE stick to IPs they own. Something I care more about is that there's a new Tomb Raider coming up.

    Finished in 2018: 29 games (AC: 14, PC: 5, PS4: 6, SCD: 1, Gen: 1, SNES: 2)


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