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Thread: Culdcept Revolt (3DS)

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    It's my own fault. I used Shatter or something like it the turn before hitting the castle.

    The rematch went like this: I had a yellow Level 5 creature who Terrormire had whittled down to 30 HP with Magic Bolt. I'm about two or three rolls from the castle to win. I cast Rejuvenation and get a Mass Phantasm. Great, now I can protect him from the long shot that Terrormire pulls a very specific card within the next two turns. But I can't cast it until my next turn. So now all I need is for Terrormire to NOT DRAW THAT CARD THAT DEALS 30 DAMAGE TO A CREATURE WITH CASTING CONDITIONS on THIS turn to win.

    And he fucking pulls it. Nukes my level 5. I lose like 2400 TG, never recover and lose.
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  2. Having to anally fixate on every single decision is the bestworst thing about this game. When you forget a detail and things don't go as you thought, it feels HORRIBLE. "Oh god, why am I so stupid?" But not fucking up and winning feels GREAT.

    Second bestworst thing is RNG gods.

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    I've played a bit further, and I just don't think I'm a good person. The thing is is, it's missing the mark by centimeters, and I'm confident if I'd gotten into this series years ago it would be my thing. Likewise, if it skewed just a degree more towards Magic than Monopoly. But as it is the strategy is just a tiny bit too shallow and way too slow for me.

    I'm gonna try a few more, I still feel like there's something there I'm not getting. It would be better if I had more cards and the ability to do random and online matches from the start. But the games 20 year old production values and stuff like the NPCs talking during matches really take it down a peg.

  4. FYI the Culdcept Central Discord room is a decent way (the only way?) to get a match.

    You can get the invite code here:

    I'll be idling in the Beginner lobby for a few hours while working if anyone wants to co-idle on the chance that we'll get three people.
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  5. Online is bumpin* now. No problems at all getting matches in Normal around 10pm eastern this week (*as long as you're willing to idle for ten minutes) .

    Lots of people are using Shadowgeist decks because that guy is really good. Bring first strikers, means of paralyzing, ways to displace creatures placed on mismatched land colors.

    If you want.

    Maybe you're done.

    That's fine too.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by A Robot Bit Me View Post
    If you want.

    Maybe you're done.

    That's fine too.
    I'm never done!

    I still need to come back to this game, I've been in trial all week so Culdcept time has been few & far between.
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  7. The LE dropped to $40 on Amazon.

    This is the best game ever made, dudes.
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  8. Y'all should buy it before they make it the true value of $4,000.

  9. Fucking buy it already. The heavy metal dice in the LE are awesome.
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  10. I picked up this game again.

    A Robot Bit Me has been lighting up the tournament circuit on this game, so maybe he can tell me if people are still playing online?

    I still have to finish campaign and get all those new card types though.
    The spirit of liberty is the spirit which is not too sure it is always right. -Learned Hand

    "Jesus christ you are still THE WORST." -FirstBlood


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