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Thread: Culdcept Revolt (3DS)

  1. Early impression: This may be the first game I play with the 3D on all the time. I love the way it looks. The text boxes hover in space over the field, whereas the screen is a mess of information in 2D mode.

  2. Fought a few battles now, so some further impressions.
    1) It's Culdcept. It takes forever for you to get a roll/card you can use and the computer gets what it needs just about every time.
    2) You don't win cards after each battle. You win "GP Points" which you can use at a shop to buy packs of cards. These packs have "random" cards. So far, I'm lucky if 1 card out of every two packs (five cards in each pack) is something new. Yep, Culdcept. What's annoying is, unless I'm missing something, you have to back out of the "quest" area you're in and go through a couple of menus to get to the shop. Then the shop has a few menus. I see no game play enhancing reason to add all these steps. Maybe I will later, but I doubt it. I beat a dude, he gives me some cards in return. Why did that need to change?
    3) Fighting against multiple AI characters on one board still sucks ass. Yep, Culdcept.
    4) Story is dumb so far and entirely unnecessary. Yep, Culdcept.
    4) No matter how frustrated I get, I keep playing. Yep, Culdcept!

  3. Me at 10:30 pm
    "I'm just going to add these new cards to my deck and then I'll shut it off and go to bed."
    Me at 2:30 am
    "I'm just going to add these new cards to my deck and then I'll shut it off and go to bed."
    Yep, Culdcept.

  4. It's gonna be so sweet when this game gets me fired and I have all day to play it.

    How do the packs work? A are there different kinds of packs? Any opportunities to buy individual cards? That is, how much different is it to buy a pack than it was to just get handed semi-random cards based on whatever map you play on like before?

    And even more importantly: does online play actually work this time?

  5. I don't know about online since I don't know anybody else with the game. I can tell you that the game mentions an online shop in which you can buy cards for real money ( !) and grab a few free cards as well. However, it must not be live yet because when I've tried to go to it I just get a blank screen.
    There are different levels of card packs, but they unlock as you play. At first you can get a pack of 5 random common cards for 500gp (the first battle you fight gives you 1000gp for reference). Eventually another pack of cards unlocks (costs 1500gp) that gives a bunch of common, a couple uncommon, and a rare. I've not unlocked the next tier yet. So far, I see no difference between the packs and getting handed a random set of cards after a battle. Like I stated previously, they've added extra steps and tedium to a process that needed neither. I guess it's there to satisfy the gacha nerds?
    There are no single cards you can buy through the game, just the online shop. You can, however, sell off any cards you don't want. I've not done this yet as I've seen no need to. But it's there.

  6. You can screenshot the win screens, so here's how I've been doing.
    The first battle.

    I absolutely destroyed Gen in this one. Did you know the game has achievements? Because it does.



    This is actually my second attempt at this battle. In the first attempt Gen exacted his revenge from how I trounced him in our original battle. Then I bankrupted him twice in this battle.


    There's a particular character card that makes Cepters automatically stop on the land it's placed on. It takes quite a bit of set up, but it can obviously be quite devastating (as long as your opponents don't have scrolls. His base HP is 40, so a scroll will take him right out). I got my guy all set up, level 4 land and I had a 4 chain going on. Three laps in a row, the turn before my enemy was going to have to land on my space and pay a toll he could no way afford no matter what he rolled, he pulls a "travel to the nearest vacant land" card, uses it, and bypasses my guy.
    I still won the battle, but jesus crest that was frustrating.

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    jesus crest
    "For teeth as white as the holy light!"

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Some Stupid Japanese Name View Post
    Yep, Culdcept

  10. FWIW, in regards to the shop I was missing something. When you click on a new quest marker, you'll get a menu where you can start the battle, edit your book, or go to the shop.


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