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Thread: Sleep, Yo!

  1. That's like eating shit every day and then eating healthy on the weekends, kind of a pointless exercise.

    I've started making sleep a priority in my life and it's insane how much better I feel because of it. I used to only get 5 to 6 hours sleep a night and be a tired mess all the time, now I get 8 to 9 hours sleep almost every night and my brain functions significantly better. I'm much sharper and much more level headed, it's as noticeable a difference as taking modafinil. For the first time in my life, I actually sleep less on weekends than on weeknights.

    If I didn't have a job, I would be going to sleep at 6am every day. Late night / early morning is the best time of day.
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    I don't buy that communal sleeping is best. Separate beds has cut down on illness.

  3. I usually go to bed around 4:30 and wake up between noon and 1. Not having an alarm clock is an amazing thing.
    Boo, Hiss.

  4. I sleep so much better not having her dog up my ass and not listening to her snoring.

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    Do they make a bed yet for the bottom arm? Sleeping together as a couple is great until your arm feels like it is about to fall off.

  6. I don't know how people do it. I could never share a bed with anyone who can't take an elbow to the face.

  7. Replace "face" with "pelvis" and "elbow" with "percussive fart" and I'm right there, too.

  8. I sometimes flail about in my sleep. I once cracked one of Justi's ribs.
    Boo, Hiss.

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    I sleep with books in the bed.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Fe 26 View Post
    I sleep with books in the bed.
    That's a weird name for a dude.


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