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Thread: What are you playing Spring 2017?

  1. What are you playing Spring 2017?

    I was watching a video about playing a shit Amiga game, and the game being featured was the arcade port of Renegade. I remember playing it back in the day and thinking that the controls kind of sucked, but the graphics were still pretty close to the arcade game. I thought the video was kind of funny though, because the guy was talking about how awesome the Spectrum 128 version was. I checked out videos of that version, and just like the other ports, it was pretty much a shoddy port of the arcade game as well. This video kind of brought back some memories of playing the Amiga, and C-64 version, so I decided to dust off the old Amiga 500 today (and the 1084S monitor for some RGB goodness) for a short run of a few games.

    Renegade: This game is a mother F'er on the Amiga. You can't run very well to get a better position on the enemies, and the thought of how much of a pain in the ass those guys with the night sticks were, started to flash back from my memories. I remember this game took forever to figure out how to cheat your way through it.

    F-40: I don't even remember buying this game. It fails as a racer, because all you do is race down the track with a timer counting down. There's a cop car that gets in your way as you head down the track, and the only real goal is getting to the finish line with the most amount of time left on the clock. It was rather boring.

    Blades of Steel: This is a good looking port of the arcade game, but I feel like the use of 1 button to cycle players, pass and shoot was kind of hindered by it. I've never played the NES game, but I'm pretty sure that the B button offered more player options on the ice.

    Ghostbusters II: This game was pretty decent. It started out with the Ray Parker Ghostbusters Theme song and the crowd shouting out: Ghostbusters! The game's 1st level has you propelling down a manhole with an Ecto-Blaster shooting ghosts and other creepy objects. You swing to pick up drinks and items that lower your fear gauge and replentish your blaster, while you are propelling down.

    I played a couple of other games that aren't worth mentioning, but I plan on dragging it out next weekend for another go at Ghostbusters II.

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  2. That's really cool...

  3. What are you playing Spring 2017?

    Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest

    I finally got around to beating Chapter 10! Looking forward to beating this game already.
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    Renegade! Memories! The NES version was the first game I ever beat. Anyway...

    Is there any game other than Zelda right now?

    Okay, I'm playing a little Shock Troopers and Nam on the side. Back when I was Neo collecting I never actually got or played Shocked Troopers, this game is amazing.

  5. Still playing BotW, and finishing up Exist Archive.

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    I still can't believe that I've been playing BotW for almost a month now pretty much exclusively and I'm still as interested in playing as when I first started.

  7. No kidding, just got master sword last night and have 2 more animals to solve.

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    Nier 2 pulled me in and I dropped zelda for a while. Zelda has infinitely more polish but the narrative wasn't grabbing me.

  9. I bought Never Alone for $3 on XBL on the weekend and beat it in one sitting. It's a bit janky, but overall not a bad little game.

    The Amiga had some truly awful arcade ports that were likely developed over a single week.
    There are some gems, though.
    Space Harrier is smooth and even has mouse support. Arkanoid is just about perfect. Bad Dudes is pretty great.

    I mostly just use my Amiga to play my childhood favourite Hollywood Poker Pro.

  10. There's a near arcade perfect port of Gauntlet II on the Amiga. Marble Madness, Toobin', R-Type II and Bionic Commando were solid as well. Populous was my favorite game on the Amiga; I had to stop playing it for a few days, when my hand went numb from resting it on the desk with the mouse.

    I have a little bit of footage of Gauntlet II on my YouTube channel.
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