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Thread: MLB 2017

  1. MLB 2017

    Hey guys the season has started for some and the rest of us today! I'm so excited for the Brewers mediocre season to start!

    I'm picking the Indians to win it all this year.
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  2. I only learned that baseball was starting on Saturday.

    Who is supposed to be good this year? Fuck the Cubs

  3. The Nye Mets.

  4. I'm psyched about that for sure.

    They looked good today.

  5. Go Jays!

  6. 1-3 and we play the Cubs now. Great. I know we are in rebuild mode but I don't want to be looking forward to football before May.
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  7. The Mariners have been mathematically eliminated from MLB

  8. It's really nice to see Wheeler in there doing work.

  9. Somehow 6-6 after week two. Not bad. Had a good looking streak going last week. I see some potential in some of these kids.
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  10. Jays are terrible to start the season. This is not a good sign. If it stretches out any longer it might be time to consider trading away Tulo and Martin, among others.


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