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Thread: MLB 2017

  1. Jays are almost back to 500. Small victories man. Small victories.

  2. The Mets are disgusting.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by raystorm View Post
    The Mets are disgusting.
    Maybe but it's good to see the Brewers not on the receiving end of a late game choke.
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    Matz, Lugo, and d'Arnaud are starting their rehab assignments. Thank God for that. d'Arnaud will be hurt again by the 4th of July, but at least starting pitching reinforcements are imminent.

  5. I still believe

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    I wish they'd call up Rosario, though I understand the risk of losing a year of control.

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    It's really nice to watch Mike Trout play (especially batting with the bases empty), as opposed to Bryce Harper who hasn't had any class since he graduated from high school.

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    I just got three hours back today. I turned on the Mets' game in the top of the second, saw the 8-0 score, and turned it right off. I'm glad I tuned in late.

    edit: Why do I feel like they'll come back if I don't turn it back on but that something soul crushing will happen if I do? While true, "because you're a Mets fan" is not an acceptable answer.
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  9. Michael Conforto is a fine player with a sweet swing.

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    Amen to that. The Mets are hitting something like .323 with RISP, which is up roughly .100 from last season. Of course, they're also dead last in the NL in team ERA. There was money to be made if you took that bet in the offseason.


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