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Thread: This Month's Haul: It's April....fools!

  1. This Month's Haul: It's April....fools!

    I plan on picking up Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Wii U) on Friday. The nearby Target still has a couple of copies.
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  2. Also got KoF XIII Steam, BlazBlue Central Fiction PS4, Sonic and SEGA Racing Transformed Steam, and Guilty Gear X2 Slash Reload Steam. I already had the first season of Columbo, but Amazon had the complete set for less than the price of three of the season sets (and they are the exact same sets).
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  3. Advent is such a great game.

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    You and my grandmother would get along well.

  5. Ultra Despair Girls

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    Columbo is great.

  7. My income tax return arrived in my checking account today, so I went ahead and picked up Breath of the Wild from the nearby Target. The box was slotted in an end-cap location that was supposed to be for Bomberman Nintendo Switch. The price tag said $49.99, so the kid went ahead and gave me the game for that price.

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    Columbo is great.

    Agreed. Watched the Johnny Cash episode about a week ago.

  9. spent a bit too much on a pair of bus headphones, but they sound good

    e: also just ordered a nes classic off cause why not
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    Why are you using a debit card bro.


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