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  1. Who cares if it's exclusive to Microsoft's digital ecosystem? However you buy a title for PC we're talking games that run on Windows 99% of the time. That's something you normally applaud. Haven't you personally lemented having to buy multiple hardware boxes just to play all of the games you want? This doesn't hold you back in anyway. Nintendo is so assbackwards on features MS should be being applauded for what they've been working on, not this bizarre "why does it exist?!" thing.

  2. MS's digital marketplace is kind of gimped. A number of devs have complained that they can't get games to perform as well as they would otherwise because of its limitations.

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    I never asked why it exists. I just pointed out that their marketing spin is bullshit. Microsoft also doesn't deserve credit for the x64 architecture they are actively trying to undermine with UDP. The extent of Microsoft's positive impact on PC gaming is DirectX.
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  4. Only games made for the Xbox One series or Windows Mobile have any business on UWP. I stuck with Steam for Rise of the Tomb Raider, since the Windows Store version is a UWA- meaning the app is sandboxed to hell, and the graphic settings menu is nerfed. Unless, of course there have been changes.

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    They've gotten better, but so what? It's a solution in search of a problem. I also got the Steam version of RotTR and will do the same with things like Dead Rising 4.


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