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Thread: Halo Wars 2 (Xbone/PC)

  1. Halo Wars 2 (Xbone/PC)

    Did a search but didn't find a thread for this. I never played the first one, but was craving a good console RTS, and I don't think C&C: RA3 is coming to BC any time soon. After spending a little time with the game, I have to say I am actually really happy with it. It is a little simplified compared to other RTS games, but I think it works perfectly on console. I guess the first one had it as well, but I am extremely excited to try the co-op campaign. Never really thought about an RTS having that, and after watching a video last night, it seems to work well enough. It also has one of those card based modes that every game seems to be getting now to push people to spend money on card packs. Seems fun enough, but I just don't have the drive to work on building a good deck. Anyone else pick this up on the Xbone? I'm no RTS master by any means, but wouldn't mind playing some 2v2 or 3v3.

  2. I loved the first one, so I will definitely be getting this one at some point.

  3. I downloaded the demo, but haven't tried it yet. The first game just didn't click for me.

  4. It's on sale right now on the digital store, which is why I went ahead and got it. I think it was $38.99 or something.

  5. The first game is coming to Steam with Steamworks instead of the MS's network.

  6. Not sure if the first game had this, but I am absolutely in love with the multiplayer mode Rumble. It gets rid of the resource farming and creates some great 3v3 all out warfare. I've been unlocking more and more Blitz card packs, but still haven't dived into that mode yet.


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