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Thread: Computer started rebooting

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    so as i replace my power supply. i want to start upgrading my comp. im going to get a 1070. and a couple of HDD's. i have a i5 4670k. should i upgrade that before the 1070 or is it still good for a little bit?

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    Intel has had pretty small improvements with each generation. You'll probably notice the the GPU upgrade more than you would a processor upgrade. I don't do computer gaming, but usually I see reports of FPS improvements in the single digits when people upgrade the processor.
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  3. 4670k is still fine

  4. Give a little overclock and it will be fine. You might want to consider running 2133Mhz RAM in the future though. It's starting to make a difference in performance.
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    replaced my Power supply. from a 650 watt. to a evga 850 watt. still shuts down while i game. i was able to run SFV for like a minute before it turned off. still had the electric smell. and the fan turned up high. any other solutions?

  6. #16 a fix somewhere. put it in power saver. lowerd max power usage to 80%. still cuts off. but i dont get the high fan sound nor do i get the faint burning electrical smell. could this be a gpu issue than? i though it was shutting off but its just losing video. the pc is still on. just no video or audio is being displayed. the problem also started happening when i was watching youtube vids for a while.

  7. only one way to find out, see if you know someone with a spare video card so you can swap and test to see if the problem continues

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    yeah. i have noone else. i moved to tucson. no friends. but when i checked it. the high fan sound was coming from the GPU.

  9. Download a few programs and I can walk you through it later.

    You'll need HW Monitor and GPU Z.

  10. does your MB have an onboard video card?

    pull your gpu and hook up the monitor through onboard, test it with a few things and see if it still shuts down.
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