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Thread: Computer started rebooting

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    Computer started rebooting

    Wassup. so a few days ago my computer started rebooting when ever i start gaming. it did it when i booted up wow, about 5 minutes later it hard reboots. tested it with a few steam games and its the same issue. I checked the case and all my fans are still working. but i do get the smell of hot electronics. any help would be well appreciated it.

  2. get new power supply

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    Okay than ty

  4. it might also be the video card but more likely than not it's the power supply... next time you game on it try and record gpu temperatures, if those spike then it might be a video card problem

  5. Yeah, my first thought is that it's most likely your power supply.

    If you felt like it you could download a program called HWMonitor that should display the temperatures of each of your individual components. Take a look at your idle temps, then try booting up a game and see what they do.

    Without cross-checking voltages and such, this still won't fully diagnose your issue, though. If you're overheating it might be an isolated cooling issue, but it could also still be your power supply that's to blame.

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    Thank you guya. Ill get on it as soon as i get home. Apreciate the help

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    ran hwmoniter a few times. on average my GPU temp jumps about 10 to 15 degrees. my processor jumps about 30 to 40 degrees in temp.

  8. k, then it sounds more like a power supply problem then... it can't supply enough juice to your components so it just gives up the ghost and you wind up rebooting; would also explain the burning electronics smell

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    ty cka. its going to be a min before i can get a new power supply. probably not til june. moving and all that jazz. ill probably get a new graphics card with the power supply anyway. the 760 is starting to struggle hard. again. thank you for the help.

  10. EVGA has some pretty good supplies for the $$$.

    This 600 watt 80+ certified PSU from EVGA is on $50, and it will be more than enough for a single GPU setup. Amazon has a 80+ Bronze PSU for the same price, but it isn't modular.
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