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Thread: Vanquish is coming to PC

  1. Vanquish is coming to PC

    Well, probably:

    The PC port of Bayonetta got a really small 22kb update today. People looked into it, and this appeared on the EXTRAS folder

    and like, why wouldn't it?

    It'll be awesome to see this game go from 540p 30fps to 4k 60fps. I'll be sticking with a gamepad though, this game would need rebalancing for kbm.

    edit: bVork on twitter correctly pointed out the game originally ran at 1024x720, my bad
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  2. I was quite impressed with the huge amount of polygons the game was pushing on the PS3.

    I've been meaning to get back to playing that game. I've never finished it.

  3. Probably the best mechanics of any Gears-style third-person shooter. Got a little repetitive with the level designs, and the characters/story are pretty bland, but I'd still be excited to try it again.

  4. I'm day one for a Vanguish port. I never got around to finishing it on 360 so I'd love it on PC! Now Sega, gimmie Virtua Fighter games and we good!!!!!!

  5. Sold! I never got to give Vanquish enough attention before my PS3 died so this is an easy day-1.

  6. #6
    This was one of the few games I actually finished during those days, loved the hell out of it. Will gladly play it through again.

    Does Rocca know about this? If so he may already be unconscious from pure joy.

  7. Good, it's not BC on Xbox and I don't want to turn on my PS3 anymore.

  8. It's up on Steam's store RFN and unlocks on the 25th. Preordered. $15 preordered, or $20 if you wait.

    Finished in 2018: 24 games (AC: 10, PC: 5, PS4: 6, SCD: 1, Gen: 1, SNES: 1)

  9. $5 if you wait a little longer, no doubt.

  10. I love this trend


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