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Thread: But What of the Children?!

  1. But What of the Children?!

  2. Awesome.

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    I hope we get a remake that does all the stuff the old one was accused of.
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    I'm sure whatever Yeller wrote is fascinating!

  4. I like that what caused congessmen to shake in their boots and demand a banning now warrants a teen rating.

  5. I want to buy this because it's Night Trap but the game really is irredeemably bad.

  6. Gotg

  7. It's utter crap, no question. You couldn't have paid me to play it back in the day. I can't wait to have a copy for my shelf.

  8. Not even worth playing for free.

  9. I have the original still. Those early Sega CD cardboard boxes don't hold up well. The game itself was...pretty bad? But it was something new and different. The best of those FMV games was the boxing game -- Prize Fighter. That game probably still plays ok today.
    Anyway, an anniversary edition of Night Trap -- regardless of the year -- seems unwarranted.

    Edit: Forgot that Michael Buffer was in that as well! Damn! As for Night Trap......
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  10. In an era completely subsidized by unwarranted remakes, remasters, and anniversary editions I believe it's completely appropriate.
    Inevitable even.


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