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Thread: Senko no Ronde "Reboot" Steam/PS4 Summer 2017

  1. Senko no Ronde "Reboot" Steam/PS4 Summer 2017

    hell yea

    Apparently it's a wholly new game and not DUO.
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  2. So DUO wasn't 2, huh?

    I'm in. Glad to see G.rev still active. I was getting worried.

  3. "Reassembly from DUO" doesn't mean it's a remake? That's how I read it, but it's good to see it's a new game instead. Honestly, from the trailer I wasn't sure if it was a compilation or an updated version of DUO, but I didn't see it as being something new.

  4. SNR2: Reassembley (sic) from DUO? I wouldn't be surprised if it was an enhanced version of DUO with some characters added, graphics remastered for current gen, and a few further tweaks. Sure wondering why this isn't called 3. Good to see Yack doing something again (the trailer BGM sure sounds like it's his work).
    Watch there be an NesicaXLive 2 arcade version released afterward, similar to KOF XIV.

    Can't wait to see a trailer for this with clear gameplay footage.

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  5. This is out, though Steam appears to be down at the moment so I haven't played it yet.

  6. Got it. $32 for a limited time, at least on Steam (reg is $40) but not sure about PSN. Resolution is capped at 1080p at least for now.
    CPU AI seems a tad more challenging than the 360 & arcade versions of Duo at default setting.

    Yes, SNR2 is an updated version of DUO with redone character art. Beside the existing BGM, there are some new tracks. The graphics are not too much of a jump over DUO, except for higher resolution. That said, it still looks fine.

    Finished in 2018: 25 games (AC: 11, PC: 5, PS4: 6, SCD: 1, Gen: 1, SNES: 1)

  7. I never did get to play DUO, so the similarities there aren't any issue for me, really, but yeah, it does look a lot like DUO to me.

    Haven't had a chance to actually play this yet because being a grown up sucks.

  8. It's been a while since I've played DUO, but it's definitely based on DUO.

    Either way, it's really nice to have this on Steam. 1080p lock, unfortunately, but everything else seems good.

  9. One of my current favorite BGMs (from both 2 & DUO), Plague Ghost. It sounds quite Ridge Raceresque (I'm surprised Yack never has gotten in on the RR series, honestly... just the thought of that is awesome). I imagined tearing up a straightaway and overtaking a rival or two with Triple Nitrous to this, then Ultimate Charging out of a sharp turn. If there's ever an RR8, it needs custom soundtrack options or at least some new Yack & Yousuke Yasui in the BGM lineup.

    Very clever G. Rev, using the Latin word for 2 in the original's title and making an acronym of it (Dis-United Order). That's how I figured SNR2 would be DUO, since they didn't say 3. With SNR2 not being a particularly HW taxing game, it'd be nice to see 4K/5K options. Hopefully they uncap it with a future update.

    Finished in 2018: 25 games (AC: 11, PC: 5, PS4: 6, SCD: 1, Gen: 1, SNES: 1)

  10. I never got to actually play DUO, but this is clearly a gussied up port of that game with some extra content. There may be gameplay changes as well but I'm not really qualified to say.

    Even still, SnR DUO was the only G.rev game I haven't gotten to play and having a definitive version with an English localization is pretty nice. The game seems like a solid step up from the first, too.


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