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Thread: How Goddamn Ridiculous Is It That This Is Still A Thing: The Nintendo Switch Friend Codes Thread

  1. They had it right with Wii U, didn't they? I don't know why they'd change it unless they were worried people would complain about not getting the special username 42069MZ069420 or they just weren't ready and somehow friend codes are easier to deal with than usernames OR Nintendo just wants to Nintendo.

    I don't think it's as horrible as it's made out to be (it was back in the day of mutual friendcodes and codes by game) but I'm me

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    You can look up a lot of probably worthless information by knowing someone's name on xbl or psn. What they like, what times they play, friends of friends. It could just be a way to make sure that people can't stalk your kids unless you specifically allow them to.
    John / JohnNiner / Niner

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    I complained about not getting that username.

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  5. Holy shit, he's alive.

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    I like doing stuff with animals and kids

  6. n__n

  7. SW-0112-1479-0722

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    Since I posted three posts sooner, noobs add.

  9. So it looks like you can send friend requests to friends from their mobile games without needing codes or anything, send requests to people you play against online, and send locally.

    Not sure if that was all day 1 stuff, but sent requests to tnlers I've seen on Mario, FE, and Miitomo

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    That was day one stuff.


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