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Thread: How Goddamn Ridiculous Is It That This Is Still A Thing: The Nintendo Switch Friend Codes Thread

  1. SW-7998-0377-7574

  2. The 3.0 update that's out allows you to send friend requests to anyone you had on 3DS or WiiU.

    It also fixes the input switching on newer TVs while the Switch is in sleep mode, but that's not for this thread, I'm just really happy about it.

  3. Yep, I went ahead and friended everybody from my old systems that hadn't posted here, which was quite a few.

    And yeah, it's been pretty annoying having to turn the Switch completely off or else undock it to play other systems, especially if I left off in the middle of, say, a Disgaea battle and can't save, so hopefully the HDMI thing is 100% taken care of. I say that in such an ambiguous way because a previous patch claimed the same thing, and I was still having the issue. In my case it's an HDMI switchbox, not the TV itself, that the Switch (and also my XBone - I have to leave the power settings on "energy saver" mode or else manually change the input after using it, since it doesn't surrender the signal when it goes to sleep under "instant on" mode) isn't playing nice with, which you wouldn't think would make a difference, but who knows.

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  4. 8578-9930-7876

  5. SW-6178-8898-0871

  6. Probably not going to be playing a lot of online games on this since I'm mostly getting it for travel/commute, but add me anyway.


  7. Opa Walking

    Edited the 1st post and adding mine. Add me gaiz~
    6-6-98 - 6-6-08 Happy 10th Anniversary TNL

  8. Just got a switch, here is my code:


    I added everyone on the OP.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by kingoffighters View Post
    Just got a switch, here is my code:


    I added everyone on the OP.
    Edited the 1st post to reflect your code.
    6-6-98 - 6-6-08 Happy 10th Anniversary TNL


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