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Thread: I need a couple of NES controllers

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    I need a couple of NES controllers

    Anyone have any original Nes controllers they could sell a brotha? All I can find locally are generics and broke ass yellow shit.

  2. I don't see them much, either.
    You could use SNES controllers if you don't mind either making a simple adapter cable, or putting an NES controller cable on an SNES pad.

  3. I've got one original controller that you can have Gohan. I won't be using it any time soon and I don't mind generic if the mood arises. I'll give it a good cleaning and send it out this weekend. PM me your addy.

  4. lol

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    Nevermind, was going to use them for a project but it's not quite working right.

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    I think I have a couple spares. I'll double check in the am.
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  7. I think I have a few spares too if it gets to it.


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