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Thread: Wild West Online (PC)

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    Wild West Online (PC)

    First revealed last week, Wild West Online has received additional funding and will be able to skip both Kickstarter and Steam Early Access:

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    This is said to be down to an "overwhelming response to the game’s reveal, which included thousands of emails and over 200,000 site visits"—something that has also prompted the devs to launch the game with some of the features previously tied to somewhat questionable stretch goals such as the inclusion of playable female characters.

    "In addition Wild West Online will now release with its previous stretch goals in place at launch, including female characters, rich role-playing and social activities such as card games, and localization," reads a statement. "After launch 612 Games will release additional content and gameplay features as part of several expansions in order to continue delivering the ultimate Wild West experience on PC."

  2. I am really skeptical of no name developers announcing these hugely ambitious massively multiplayer games. It's so easy to make them sound awesome, almost impossible to make them play well.

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    I agree, but if they are smart about it, they can just design systems and leave content more up to the players. The design can't be any worse than FFXIV, which forces you to play through every story quest from the original game, the first expansion connector, the first expansion, and the second expansion connector before getting to the second expansion. I burned out way before getting to the content I actually bought the damn game to play, Matsuno's upcoming raid. I'm pretty much over developer created/forced content after that mistake of a time sink.

  4. No Man's Sky Land imo

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    I like doing stuff with animals and kids

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    leave content more up to the players.


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