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Thread: Yard Work

  1. Yard Work

    We're all getting older, many of us with houses and families. Since moving out of an apartment a few years back and getting a house just last year I've discovered that I actually like terraforming the land. Tearing out scrub-brush trees, making the flower beds relatively weed-free every now and then, and reorganizing the landscape is honestly enjoyable, even if I'm pretty sure I exceeded my USDA requirements for eating bugs today five times over. Anyone else finding it incredibly satisfying to make over the land into something more in tune with how you want it to be? And is it a sign of aging domestication or just the standard side-effect of good solid work that you do to your own standards, specifically because you want things to be a certain way?

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    If I ever have a yard I might pave it like Wernher von Braun for the same reasons. I learned to hate yard work because of my mother and the climate of the south.

    Though I understand your feelings on some level. Its nice to leave the modern world behind and just work on something old fashioned like an old car, or your yard, or house repairs.

  3. One thing I can say is that, when it's yours, it's a completely different thing from being made to do the work as a kid. The climate of the south is nothing I can help with, though.

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    My mom would buy all these damn shrubs, flowers, etc and have me dig the holes with a post hole digger. In the summer. On a hill rich in gravel and other small rocks.

    And she kicked me out of the house once for not wanting to mow the yard. (I was in middle school).

    I did enjoy mowing the yard on the riding mower set to Rabbit. (You know it was fast because it was rabbit speed).

  5. djhfbjhdbjkhbcjkdhbckjdhbkjvdflhvf i just spent an hour doing yard work tonight. owning a house requires that i care about things like this, ugh. I don't mind some parts of it. it's annoying if I'm busy with other things.
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  6. In the last year I've built a few hundred feet of retaining walls, gone through about 15 pallets of rock and block, built a fence and I mow shit and work on pool shit way more than I enjoy.

    We ripped out a twenty foot wide Bougainvillea two years ago. Fucking terrible.

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    the standard side-effect of good solid work that you do to your own standards, specifically because you want things to be a certain way?
    I'm leaning towards that one. I'm not a fan of yard work because there's no permanence -- I feel like no matter how much time I put in, it all has to be done over again next month. I do get that feeling you described from some other sorts of work, though.

  8. I've pretty much gave up yard work when our mower died several years ago. I pay ($30) a retired fireman to mow our lawn every other week. I'll drop weed & feed on the lawn twice a year and pull a bunch of weeds, but that's about it.

    I have been working on replacing the damaged wood on our chimney from the hail storm last year. I got tired of waiting on our contractor, and the insurance company didn't pay very much for that part of the repairs. I discovered that our chimney was a home to an ant colony, and I found it to be rather strange, because we don't have carpenter ants in Texas. I have a couple more boards to replace, before I caulk and paint it.

  9. I made sure to buy a place with no grass.

  10. I've been working this spring on turning a wooded wasteland into something usable. Not so much "mowing the grass" yard work (which I don't honestly mind) as "terraform the world". It's very slow, seeing as all I've got is rake, saw, branch trimmers, a shovel, and my arms, but it's good to see progress.

    Click for full size

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    That's from mid-April, and since then I've advanced to the left most of the way across what will someday be a nice new chunk of yard but today is just a somewhat tidier mess with fewer leaves on top of it.
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