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Thread: Castlevania on Netflix

  1. Film Castlevania on Netflix

    Didn't know this was a thing.

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    I remember comics writer Warren Ellis was working on it a couple years back.
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    I'm sure whatever Yeller wrote is fascinating!

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    This was discussed by TNLers on Twitter, but I didn't realize it was coming so soon.

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    This was discussed by TNLers on Twitter, but I didn't realize it was coming so soon.
    So am I.

  5. i'm so *~ex~cite~ed~*!!!!!
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    Where am I anyway? - I only registered on here to post on this thread

  6. It appears you can't hide it.
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  7. Well, there's no doubt Warren Ellis wrote it.

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    Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

  9. When I first ran across Warren Ellis in the pages of Hellstorm, I fell in love with his writing voice.
    Fast forward 20 some odd years and several hundreds of issues of comics later, and you can get tired of the same old notes being sounded by that voice.

    I won't say it's bad, but I've just started the 4th episode (which means there's 20 minutes left of the "season") and I feel like everything that's happened so far could easily have been compressed into one 24 minute episode.
    So it feels a lot like modern comics, I guess. Which I don't care for.


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