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Thread: Need for Speed: Payback (PC, PS4, One)

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    Need for Speed: Payback (PC, PS4, One)

    Given how unbelievably successful The Fast & the Furious is, I can't blame EA for trying to ape it.

  2. Race tracks only live in sim games anymore

    Total bullshit

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    That's what the new Daytona is for!

  4. Will it ever come to PC? I have my doubts

    Oh I did forget about Driveclub. End of an era. Even the new Wipeout is old ass shit (give me 4K Zone Mode though)

  5. I don't want to reward Sony for that wipeout game. This is like the 4th time some of those tracks have been used.

  6. No ridiculous FMV this time?

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  8. looks aight, but RIP NFS 1994-some date that was before 2017 but it's definitely already RIPpin

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    Yeah, it's not even a racing game anymore. It's an action game that happens to have cars.

  10. Looks like Fast and Furious. I'd love a Smokey and the Bandit like DLC.
    Boo, Hiss.


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