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Thread: ARMS (NS)

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Chux View Post
    I went the JPN Amazon route, Lily has been playing it since 4 today and we got 500 off Splatoon 2.

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    Nice. I would have done the same, but I received some eShop credit as a gift so I'm using it in the purchase.

  2. Ranked is a lot of fun. Pokes and waiting for openings.

  3. I picked this up on a whim and I'm really happy I did. Not gonna lie: I was sold on the awesome character designs. It's full of juicy creativity ... and the gameplay has more nuance than I expected. I particularly enjoy the diversity of levels and how they actually affect gameplay.

    Being mostly a solo player nowadays, I'm finding the online to actually be pretty accessible. I like the lobby system. (Overall, the online is much better than Mario Kart 8.)

    Minor complaints: While I like the main theme song, it is waaaay overused. I'm also kinda wishing the single player had a campaign mode a la Soul Calibur, with different challenges to accomplish.

    For those playing, who's your favorite character? I'm a sucker for quick and agile so it's Ribbon Girl for me.

  4. Tron Bonne is the best character

  5. I use Bootylicious. Time sludge is so cash.

  6. Man, this game is a lot of fun and has nice colors.

  7. The AI on this game is ridiculous. I just tried to play Grand Prix on difficulty 4 and couldn't get past the first stage. This would be fine if Ranked Play wasn't fucking LOCKED until you beat 4 once. Ugh.

    The game is GREAT. Why do they have to lock main gameplay functions like this and ruin it for me?

  8. I guess they want you to git gud before 12-year olds are screaming at you to git gud

  9. Quote Originally Posted by ChaoofNee View Post
    Man, I understand that I'm skrubbin'. I just wish the game was better at teaching.
    4 housed me until it didn't.
    Learn specials, curve them arms, etc.
    If you think baby match 1 is tough wait til Headlok.


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